Meet the PWOB Team

Meet the Board of Directors

Cal Ihler

Cal has been at Seattle University for years (no really, decades) and is the Director of Operations and Maintenance for Facilities Services. Cal and fellow plumbers Mike Mullen and John Schrader were invited to Nicaragua in 2007 to address flooding issues at a school.  This was the start of PWOB-Plumbers without Boundaries.  The name has changed throughout the years but Cal's commitment to PWOB hasn't. He is a Project Leader for Team Zambia and Team Belize

Mike Mullen

Mike has been at SeattleU since 1986, first as a student then as Lead Plumber for the Mechanical Shop. Mike  has played various Project Leader roles in trips to Nicaragua, Zambia and Belize.  He takes pride in always being able find a karaoke restaurant close to any service project. 

Dawn Madore

Dawn is the Project and Administrative Coordinator for the AVP of Facilities Services at Seattle U. In 2013 she came to SU with 15 years of experience in the environmental consulting and construction industry. She is the Team Leader for Project Belize

Debbie Black


Meet the Team

Joyce Allen

Joyce is the former University Registrar at Seattle University and has been involved in PWOB since 2010. Joyce helped fund her own college education by working summers building switches for utility substations. As a result, she feels a special kinship to the staff in Facilities and is pleased to be able to engage in local and international community supported immersion efforts that result in sustainable infrastructure improvements. She has travelled with the team to Zambia and Belize.

Erin Beary Andersen

Wayne Holscher


Wayne Holscher has worked in the resident hall maintenance department at SeattleU for the past 19 years providing routine maintenance services like carpentry, locks/keys, and any repair services for students and staff who live and work in the resident halls.  He is the Project Leader for Team Nicaragua.

Sonja Ihler

Sonja Ihler has been a Cardiovascular Surgical Nurse for over 30 years. She currently works at Cherry Hill Swedish Hospital in the CVOR.  Sonja became interested in PWoB through her husband Cal's enthusiasm. She has traveled to Belize where she taught CPR/First Aid to the children's home staff and to Zambia, teaching CPR/First Aid to hospital staff and nursing students. PWoB is fortunate that Sonja can cook for to 30 people at a moments notice!

Naomi Kasumi

Naomi Kasumi is an installation artist, designer, and  Professor of Digital Design at Seattle University. Since 2011 she has travelled with the team to Zambia and Belize. Naomi is pleased to be part of PWOB to engage in the local and international community which has been an incredible opportunity to feed her soul.

Byron Lynch

Mark Murray