Zambia 2017

During Summer Break 2017,Seattle University Professionals Without Borders staff, faculty, and student members traveled to Chikuni Mission in Zambia to assist on sustainable infrastructure improvements for the community.


Providing and installing a new (Geezer) hot water tank for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit with the assistance of Fr Bert Otten S.J  and replaced a water tower float.

PWOB cleaned blackout curtains for a new community theater for the Mukanzubo Cultural Center and assisted with restoration of classrooms and desks at the Girls High School.

Other efforts included SU faculty and students sharing best practices in medical hygiene, along with a PWOB Red Cross Certified Instructor providing CPR and AED training with the Zambian Nursing students. The group also took time to share and compare Zambian and US hospital resources and procedures.  PWOB waas able to provide over $10,000 in much needed donated medical equipment and supplies to local Chikuni Mission and Monze hospitals thanks to Swedish Hospital.

 Seatle U Biology students were able to observe surgical procedures at Chikuni Mission Hospital


PWOB was honored to be invited to dance in Tongan dress at the Chikuni Music Festival.  The local community provided traditional dress and makeup for the team.  The festival theme was  “Masuwa Aswangeene, Tapwayi Cibiya” loosely translated as “stones that are in unity do not break the clay pot” .  Over 12,000 people were in attendance.

Seattle University Staff and Faculty

  • Cal Ihler - Team Leader
  • Mark Murray - Project Lead
  • Joyce Allen
  • Lori Cray
  • Byron Lynch
  • Rachelle Meenach-Ligrano
  • Michael Mullen

Seattle University Students

  • Ashley Abel
  • James Hughes
  • Luke Lutrell
  • Taura Vastakas