About PWOB


 It all started with a dream and a toolbox. After visiting Nicaragua in 2007, Steve Szablya and Cal Ihler recognized that communities around the world lacked many of the basic resources to sustain their populations, such as access to clean water or medical clinics. 

 Thus, Professionals Without Borders (PWOB) was founded. It took two years of planning and fundraising, but in 2009 PWOB was able to lead its first independent service trip to Zambia. Three years later we have grown exponentially in number of yearly participants, funds, and projects, but we continue to strive towards the same goal of creating substantial and sustainable projects around the world and locally.

Most importantly, PWOB provides Seattle University students the opportunity to put their liberal arts education to use and help people in need. With Jesuit values at the forefront of each PWOB project, students learn to lead humbly and with compassion in their hearts. These values last long after graduation, and grant students worldly experience and empathy for their professional lives to come.


Empowering students to serve and lead sustainable service projects that help people in need.