InformSU Transactions Contacts

Financial transactions originate from a wide variety of offices and sources across campus. The following table lists contacts for many common transactions.

Source Code Ref. Begins With/Contains Description Begins With Transaction Contact
Cell Phone Charges - Verizon Wireless
JE   VZW Verizon Wireless SU Campus Store, 206-325-6002
PJ     Reimbursements Deb Frisbie,, x4423
PJ     Vendor Invoices Deb Frisbie,, x4423
Journal Entries
JE xx-04-xx   Journal entries Mark Schoen,, x5308
JE xx-05-xx   Journal entries Andy Zhang,, x5875
JE xx-07-xx   Journal entries Julie Zhao,, x6481
JE xx-08-xx   Journal entries Rita Lin,, x5887
JE xx-10-xx   Journal entries Tony Ly,, x5886
JE xx-11-xx   Repro. & Mailing Svc. journal entries Kriston Sanders,, x6197
JE xx-12-xx   Journal entries Deb Frisbie,, x4423
JE xx-14-xx   Journal entries Karen Yaguchi,, x5883
JE xx-15-xx   Journal entries Jim Selinsky,, x8597
JE xx-17-xx   Journal entries Jennifer Riester,, x8233
JE xx-18-xx   Journal entries Rommel DeLa Cruz,, x6292
JE xx-19-xx   Journal entries Daisy Wang,, x5880
JE xx-20-xx   Law School reclassifications Charlotte Anderson,, x4053
JE xx-22-xx   Journal entries Ara Papyan,, x5547
JE xx-23-xx   Parking, Van journal entries Stephen Kitajo,, x2659
Reprographics and Mailing Services Charges
  PRT   Printing Kriston Sanders,, x6197
    POSTAGE Postage Kriston Sanders,, x6197
    MPS Duplicating charges Kriston Sanders,, x6197