Chrome River

Chrome River is Seattle University's new expense reporting system, designed to streamline expense reimbursements and ProCard transaction coding. Approvals for all reports are routed automatically and users can track the progress of their expense report as it moves through the approval queue.  Approvers can review reports through the Chrome River website or via email. Many of the AP policies are built into the system to make policy compliance and checking easier and more transparent.

ProCard holders are required to ensure that transactions are coded and submitted in a timely manner.  Users should strive to have reports submitted and approved by the 15th of the month following when the expense was incurred. This is an important step necessary to reflect all expenses in the accounting system and allow appropriate budget management.  Failure to submit ProCard expense reports in a timely manner may result in your ProCard being suspended.

Below you will find several helpful details to assist you in using the Chrome River system.  If you have additional questions, contact us at