Accounts Payable

There are regulatory and business reasons regarding University disbursements that require policies and procedures. The purpose of this information is to provide guidelines and processes for all Seattle University employees to conduct business operations regarding items such as vendor payments, employee reimbursements and various Accounts Payable related services.

The Accounts Payable Policy and Procedures can be found here: 

Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures Booklet

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has established strict rules governing business and entertainment expenses. The University will reimburse employees for legitimate, reasonable and appropriate business and entertainment expenses in accordance with the IRS requirements and the procedures set forth in this policy.

Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP) is a framework of guidelines and standards for accounting for financial transactions. Our policies and procedures must adhere to these guidelines to account for University transactions for financial reporting purposes.

The University recognizes the necessity and proper role of reasonable and appropriate expenses incurred for business meals, business meetings and business related travel to conduct University operations. The University believes and expects that faculty and staff will exercise prudence and good judgment when incurring expenses on the University’s behalf for business activities. Divisions within the university may have additional policies so long as they do not conflict with the policies within. 

Purchasing using grant funds must also be in compliance with federal regulations as well as the grant agreement which are not considered within this document.

This policies and procedures is under the responsibility and authority of the Vice President of Finance and Business Affairs who must approve any significant changes or revisions. Any questions, revisions, errors, or changes may also be directed to the Controller’s Office.