Moving Expenses


As of 8/24/2022 – Seattle University changed the process for Moving Expense Reimbursements – these are now being processed through Human Resources as -  stipends for faculty or supplemental pay for staff.

This is taxable income to the employee.


Faculty Moving Expenses form can be found here: Faculty Stipend Request LOA

Submit to:

Staff Moving Expenses form can be found here: Staff Supplemental Pay Form

Submit to:

Questions – please reach out to HR

From the IRS….

Qualified Moving Expense Reimbursements No Longer Excluded from Employees Income, with Two Exceptions:

For 2018 through 2025, employers must include moving expense reimbursements in employees’ wages. The new tax law suspends the exclusion for qualified moving expense reimbursements.

Exception 1: Members of the U.S. Armed Forces can still exclude qualified moving expense reimbursements from their income if:

  • They are on active duty
  • They move pursuant to a military order and incident to a permanent change of station
  • The move expenses would qualify as a deduction if the employee didn’t get a reimbursement

Exception 2: Employers may exclude from wages any 2018 reimbursements to or payments on behalf of employees for moving expenses incurred for a move that took place prior to January 1, 2018, and which would have been deductible had they been paid prior to that date.