Payroll Office

2017 W-2

If you want to receive your 2017 W-2 electronically you must provide your official consent no later than Jan 8, 2018.

If you have provided consent to receive your W-2 electronically in the past, you will have to do it again, because those records were not migrated to the new Colleague XE system.

Instructions for Consenting to Receive W-2 Electronically

Detailed instructions are also available as a PDF on the Payroll Resources list.

  1. Log in to SU Online
  2. On the Employees menu, click on W-2 and Electronic Consent
  3. Select the button to "Receive my W-2 only in electronic format"
  4. Select Save

Web Time Entry

Please refer to the links under Payroll Resources to access Web Time Entry Instructions


Instructions for how to access and approve employee time are embedded within each user instruction guide.

Alternate Supervisors:

Each user instruction guide contains a section for alternate supervisors.