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Effective November 2023, Seattle University has partnered with Paymerang to provide streamlined payment processing to its vendors. Payments will be primarily issued via Paymerang as the preferred route of issuing, confirming, and reconciling vendor payments. The implementation of this change is expected to improve the vendor experience for our suppliers and improve efficiency for all stakeholders by providing:

  • Enhanced payment delivery
    • Paymerang specializes in quick processing and delivery of payments; including check printing and mailing, credit card processing, and large ACH batch processing. Their team will provide a quick turnaround to a vendor’s receipt of payment and provide dedicated support to resolve any issues.
  • Expanded vendor payment options:
    • Vendors are now able to select and opt into whichever payment method fits their business needs including:
      • Check
      • ACH / Direct Deposit
      • Credit Card (Visa)
  • Increased savings, process efficiency, and greener carbon footprint
    • More electronic payments reduce our consumption of paper check stock, mailing services, as well as efforts dedicated to issuing, reconciling and managing the processing of payments. Paymerang also provides quarterly rebates that offset the cost of the service and provide substantial savings back to the university.

This transition has no effect on established purchasing policies and is expected to improve our vendor’s experience in doing business with the university. The Accounts Payable Team of the Controller’s Office is the university’s primary and dedicated point of contact for faculty and staff needing assistance in all matters related to processing vendor invoices. All inquiries should be escalated by contacting the We look forward to assisting you!

Luis F. Almanzar
Accounts Payable Manager

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