Minor - Theatre Production

A student stands in the shadows, the main focus is the theatre set behind them 
The minor in theatre production is ideal for any student who has an interest in theatrical production and its application to the performance and entertainment industry. Students are introduced to a variety of skills employed in theatrical production that include the techniques and crafts that support scenic, costume and lighting and sound production, as well the fundamental methods of theater management.
In order to earn a minor in theatre production students must earn 30 credits in theatre including stage management, scenic design, and theatre history.  Students will work with a theatre advisor to select an additional 13 credits of production electives.
Students wishing to declare a minor in theatre production must arrange for an audition/portfolio review with the theatre faculty.  Upon acceptance into the minor, students will need to file a Request to Add a Minor form with the Office of the Registrar.

NOTE:  Interdisciplinary arts and theatre majors may not earn a minor in theatre performance.


Claire Garoutte
Interim Chair, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Janet Hayatshahi
Director, Theatre Program

Aly Bedford
Program Coordinator

Stefanie Fatooh
Director of Arts Programming