Minor - Theatre Performance

The minor in theatre performance is designed for those non-theatre major students who are interested in learning about the performance areas of the theatre - acting, voice, speech, movement, and other related subjects - and who desire the opportunity to combine artistic practice with other academic pursuits.
In order to earn a minor in theatre performance students must earn 30 credits in theatre including acting, design in the theatre, and theatre history.  Students will work with a theatre advisor to select an additional 15 credits of production electives.
Students wishing to declare a minor in theatre performance must arrange for an audition/portfolio review with the theatre faculty.  Upon acceptance into the minor, students will need to file a Request to Add a Minor form with the Office of the Registrar. 

Minor in theatre performance degree requirements can be viewed in the course catalog

NOTE:  Interdisciplinary arts and theatre majors may not earn a minor in theatre production.



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