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Communication & Media, BA

Unlock your communication potential at Seattle University. Excel in journalism, PR, health advocacy and more. Specialize in communication and media with Seattle University.

About this Program

Skilled Communicators for a Stronger Democracy and Rewarding Careers

We envision a world where communication is based on respect and equality and where communication and media contribute to stronger individuals and a stronger democracy.

Using active learning methods, courses are designed to teach you about the role of communication in society and provide you with experience in developing your oral, written, visual and digital communication skills.

Your communication and media degree prepares you to become an effective and ethical communicator in a variety of contexts.

Career-Focused Specializations

Our major prepares you for a diverse range of careers, including in journalism, politics, environmental and health advocacy, public relations, nonprofits, health, human resources, the law, media, sports, academia and entrepreneurship.

Communication and Media Degree at a Glance

Learn how this degree from Department of Communication and Media will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University degree can be.

Choosing a communication and media degree means embarking on a dynamic exploration of modern communication landscapes. You will delve into the theories and practices of media, journalism, and strategic communication. Develop versatile skills in digital storytelling, public relations, and media analysis, preparing yourself for diverse roles in the evolving realms of communication and media.

Communication Studies Specialization

Opting for a major in communication studies places you at the nexus of effective human interaction. In this program, you refine your communication skills, exploring interpersonal dynamics, group communication, and rhetoric. You analyze the impact of communication on society and individuals, gaining a nuanced understanding of diverse perspectives. Engaging in practical scenarios, you develop public speaking, critical thinking, and presentation abilities. With an emphasis on research and analysis, you navigate the complexities of modern communication. A communication studies major empowers you to excel in various fields, from business and education to public relations, fostering versatile communication skills essential for personal and professional success.

Strategic Communication Specialization

In this program, you delve into the intricacies of crafting compelling narratives, honing skills in public relations, advertising, and digital media. You navigate the strategic landscape, learning to influence perceptions and shape communication strategies. With an emphasis on real-world applications, you cultivate proficiency in crisis management and brand building. Throughout your journey, you harness the power of digital platforms and emerging technologies, preparing for versatile roles in corporate communication, marketing, or advocacy. A strategic communications major positions you as a skilled communicator, ready to navigate the evolving challenges of the media-driven world.

Journalism Specialization

Embarking on a journalism major immerses you in the heart of storytelling and news dissemination. In this program, you sharpen your investigative prowess and cultivate the art of effective communication. Dive into the principles of ethical reporting, media law, and multimedia storytelling. You navigate the fast-paced world of news production, from writing and editing to digital journalism and broadcast. Through hands-on experiences, you engage with real stories, honing your interviewing and research skills. A journalism major equips you with the tools to inform and engage audiences, preparing you for a dynamic career as a reporter, editor, or content creator in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Add a minor in communication and media and broaden your impact. To earn a minor degree, you’ll complete at least 30 credits in this area.

The Communication and Media Department provides courses designed to give students an awareness of the role of communication in society, as well as practical experience in developing their talents in oral, written, visual, and digital communication.

We offer a single major in communication and media with three specializations: communication studies, strategic communication and journalism. All students must choose a specialization and they may also double or triple specialize.

The communication studies specialization engages students in the exploration of communication both broadly and within specific areas of the discipline, including: digital, environmental, health, intercultural, interpersonal rhetorical, media, and political communication. Blending theory and practical experiences, students are prepared for a wide range of communication and media centered careers in corporate and nonprofit organizations.

The strategic communication specialization introduces students to an integrated approach to managing all communication functions, giving them familiarity with the underlying theoretical frameworks, so they can develop innovative industry practices and influence the role of communication in global organizations.

The journalism specialization develops students' competence in gathering and disseminating stories through the media, using reporting, writing, visual and digital skills. Students with a specialization in journalism can emphasize preparation for journalistic careers in print, broadcast or online media.

What You’ll Learn

Learn about the classes you’ll take as a student here.

Customize your program for your career path with three specializations

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Communications Studies

This specialization engages students in active learning about communication in a variety of contexts. You learn effective ways to communicate with each other, about differing cultural contexts, and persuasive advocacy.

Potential careers: Consulting, Politics, Diplomacy, Advocacy, Law, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Writing, Media and Digital Communication

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Strategic Communication

This track provides students with a foundation for developing and implementing communications strategies to help organizations reach their goals. Students acquire skills in campaign planning and execution, professional writing, social media management, advertising, and community and media relations.

Potential careers: Public Relations, Social Media, Advertising, Nonprofit Management

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Develop your skills to gather and disseminate stories through the media, using reporting, writing, visual and digital skills. Emphasis is placed on reporting for social change and developing an entrepreneurial approach to media content creation.

Potential careers: Entertainment, Broadcasting, News Reporting, Digital Media

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Internships in Many Seattle Industries

Internships are a key part of your education, with opportunities at PR agencies, news outlets, arts organizations, political, legal and social justice advocacy organizations, nonprofits and other organizations across Seattle.

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Campus Newspaper: The Spectator

Seattle U's student newspaper since 1933. Issues hit the stands every Thursday with news that is informed, engaging and reflective of the values of the SU community.

Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal

Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal

Our peer-reviewed online publication provides editorial apprenticeship through a credit-bearing program that trains students to share stewardship of the journal and learn vital online publishing skills.

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KXSU: Student-Run Radio

For over 25 years, students, staff, and alumni have collectively worked at KXSU, Seattle U’s proudly student-run radio station. Located on the second floor of the Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation (CSI) building, KSXU is lucky to be based in a city full of amazing local artists, and our station’s programming is aimed to reflect just that.

Hear From Our Alumni

Jordan Simpson

Jordan Simpson, ‘24

“The Strategic Communications specialization offered an exploration of opportunities. The CMME faculty is passionate, engaging, and supportive. The program's structure provides foundational knowledge, unique electives, practical experience and creative collaboration. I found applicable connections between my communication learning and many of the courses I took at SU. The CMME major showcases the impacts of communication efforts, fosters campus involvement and strengthens your skillset.”

BA in Communication & Media, Strategic Comm.

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