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Explore the Interdisciplinary Arts – Theatre Major at Seattle University. Build Theatre Skills Across Arts Disciplines in a Thriving Performing Arts Community.

About this Program

Bring Theatre to Life with Multiple Art Disciplines

The Department of Performing Arts and Arts Leadership offers an exciting and unique opportunity for interdisciplinary studies in the arts.

While the emphasis track is specific to theatre, this program requires students to take courses outside the chosen field. In this theater degree, students are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities that exist between theatre and other art forms.

For example, a student interested in musical performance might choose to bridge theatre and music, while another might combine theatre visual art courses to round out an emphasis in theatre production.

Individual programs are designed in consultation with your faculty adviser.

Connect to Seattle’s Vibrant Theatre and Performing Arts Culture

Seattle is a world-class center for theatre and home to an equally wide variety of artists in dance, music and visual art. Through our program, you can connect to the wider arts community in a variety of ways:

  • Our theatre faculty are working artists with strong ties to the professional theatre community
  • You also have the opportunity to work with and learn from faculty in the visual arts, music and film and media, many of whom have their own artistic practices.
  • Artists-in-residence bring new perspectives and spark creativity. 
  • Professional guest artists work alongside our students in the Mainstage Season.

Interdisciplinary Arts with a Theatre Emphasis at a Glance

Learn how this degree from the Department of Performing Arts and Arts Leadership will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University degree can be.

Seattle University undergraduate Fine Arts students should be able to achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental techniques and methods specific to the discipline
  • Demonstrate practical abilities and skills from their art form
  • Embody broadened imaginative and creative powers
  • Analyze historical context and the great monuments in their art form
  • Interpret contemporary theory and forms
  • Integrate an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of art in the contemporary world
  • Critically analyze and evaluate examples of art

What You’ll Learn

Learn about the classes you’ll take as a student here.

Prepared for Success

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Internships in Seattle’s World-Class Arts Community

Take your art practice to the next level with interdisciplinary connections to the rich and vibrant art scene. Your faculty will help you find an internship that provides real world experience and engagement in the wider Seattle arts community, including theatre, dance, music, and more.

People Learning About Printmaking

Creative Spaces: Billodue Makerspace

The Billodue Makerspace at Seattle University, located in the Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation (Sinegal Center), provides creative spaces for artistic exploration. You will be able to participate in a variety of maker-related activities including sewing, fiber arts, 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, vinyl cutting, and glass work.

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Lee Center for the Arts

The Lee Center is Seattle University’ state-of-the-art performance and exhibition space on the corner of Twelfth Avenue and East Marion Street. Designed to enrich the artistic experience of students, faculty, staff and the greater community, the center houses the "black-box theater" John Eshelman Stage, scene shop, costume shop, green room, dressing rooms and Hedreen Gallery.

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Arts and Sciences Advising Center

Our advising center is dedicated to your holistic academic and professional through academic advising and promotion of academic excellence. We work to solve problems, provide navigational guidance and build connections.

Hear From Our Alumni

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Adrian Alonzo Padilla

“[It’s] been wonderful because of how many opportunities I’ve had to learn throughout the process. Every conversation with the director, fellow designers, my mentor, has led to another lesson about the work.” 

Interdisciplinary Arts, Theatre, BA ’19

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