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College of Arts and Sciences
Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Music Minor

The music minor offers opportunities for both vocal and instrumental musicians to combine artistic practice with other academic pursuits. Music minors must identify a specific area of musical practice in; voice, piano, viola, cello, or violin.  In addition to building a foundation of music fundamentals; history, theory and composition, students apply their skills through private music lessons and participation in one or more of the department's thriving musical groups.
In order to earn a minor in music, students must complete 30 credits in music. Students wishing to declare a minor in music must arrange for an audition with the music faculty.  Upon acceptance into the minor, students will need to file a Request to Add a Minor form with the Office of the Registrar. 

Music minor degree requirements can be viewed in the course catalog.

NOTE:  Interdisciplinary arts and instrumental strings majors may not earn a minor in music.