Auditions for the main stage season productions are open to all students. Auditions are typically held at the beginning of fall quarter for the fall production and at the end of the preceding quarter for the winter and spring productions.

Audition information and instructions for individual productions are posted on the website and sent out to all theater majors and minors via email. If you are a non-major interested in receiving audition announcements via email, please contact  206-296-5360


Due to university policy around  COVID-19, MARISOL auditions will be held via video submission. Please choose one of the audition pieces and video yourself.  Upload the video onto Youtube (you can make it private) or Vimeo and send the link to Put: YOUR NAME: MARISOL VIDEO SUBMISSION in the subject line. Also submit your AUDITION FORM in this email.


Tips for self-recording for this audition

  1. It's fine to do this on your phone -- you don't need fancy equipment
  2. find someone to be a reader for you and have them sit off-camera (they can also operate the camera)
  3. Play the scene to that person, not directly into the camera.

This is of course, not ideal.  But it is becoming more and more common in the industry for actors to submit self-tape for an initial audition.  So it's good to learn how to do it.

I don't need you to be off-book. I'm looking for honest, committed portrayals. Be big and bold -- and grounded. This is a larger than life world, but it needs you to commit emotionally. Don't rush the language.  It's deeply poetic and so relish the words and use the images. But most importantly, ground yourself in circumstance and play an objective.  These characters live in a world that is almost post-apocalyptic. The world is physically decaying, it's dangerous and scary and you're all fighting for your survival.  The play is  also darkly funny -- so embrace the humor also. 

Below are some character notes to guide you.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions -- I won't be able to answer fully until Tuesday.

MARISOL -- Guarded and wary, she has tried to remove herself from her roots to reimagine herself as a 'yuppie' -- she has a protective shell around her as a result.   This also comes from living in a big city. She's caring and vulnerable,  but also a fighter, with a steely determination. 

JUNE -- protective, smart, witty.  A strong, forthright woman who has put up with a lot, and bulldozed her way through life through sheer willpower.  She is direct and cuts through the BS. 

ANGEL -- needs to own the power of the universe (easy, right?!) Ground her but encompass and own your own power.  She is part of a greater order, supernatural.  She is also resistance fighter. She has seen too much injustice and has been forced into action.

LENNY -- fragile,  deluded, obsessive, self-aggrandizing, with an edge of danger.  A puppy dog that could turn rabid unexpectedly.  He wants desperately to be loved.

MAN WITH SCAR TISSUE -- somewhat jaded but charming, with a wicked sense of humor.  Find his humanity -- think about what he's been through.

WOMAN IN FUR --  a woman who has lost all her privilege and is walking through the world in a haze, burnt out and fragile.

I may schedule a zoom session with you for a callback if needed.  I may or may not hold callbacks given the current situation.  

Documents and forms: 

Marisol Audition Form

Marisol Audition Sides

Marisol Script

Marisol Production Calendar




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