Independent Projects from Fall 2020

As one component of our virtual learning, choir members devise an independent project to work on for the full ten weeks, choosing from the 'tracks' of performance, research, and composition. Singers are assigned a project advisor to meet with regularly (Director Dr. Leann Conley-Holcom or Assistant Director Dr. Lee Peterson) who helps them develop and shape their project. 

Ben Weaver, Tenor Section Leader

Track: Composition
Project: Writing a piece of choral music  

"Everyone has a different way of dealing with change. In writing Metamorphosis, I reflected on the conflicting emotions and perspectives that often come in times of change. I’ve never written a piece for choir before, but I knew that this choir project would push me to challenge myself. With Lee’s guidance, I was able to create something that I’m very proud of and something that I hope can be relatable for others facing difficult change."


Grace Kohler, Soprano Section Leader 

Track: Research
Project:  Create a student blog for SU Choirs

"I know that personally, I have come into touch within my own individual voice and the part that I play in the broader reflection of a choir. We are often told by our directors that it is important to support each other through supporting ourselves, and I don’t think I truly understood the depth of that sentiment until I was in a practice room by myself recording a part that would be joined with the rest of my choir later in the studio. There really is no place for silence in that moment as you know that everyone else is experiencing the same thing alongside with you. You have to be strong even in the moments where you feel extremely awkward. In the end, it was beautiful. The product was a choir, and the unified spirit was there even we weren’t. At least not physically. Once again, that is the undeniable power of a choir."

Read more from Grace Kohler

Sari Sneden, Soprano 

Track: Research
Project: Create a podcast about music and singing

“I have always wanted to start a podcast but would always put it off saying I didn't have time or that I didn't know where to even start. With a push from Grace Kohler and Dr. C, I finally decided to take the plunge and do it. A podcast surrounding music is one that just made sense to me because I am constantly listening to music and have made so many meaningful connections with people through music. When I describe music, I usually associate it with some type of vibe, hence where I came up with the name for the podcast, Vibin'. I am really excited about the episodes I have so far and am looking forward to releasing more soon." 

Hear more from Sari


Sierra Noble, Soprano

Track: Performance
Project: India.Arie's song 'Sacred Space' -learning, recording, mixing & editing

“Hi everyone! My name is Sierra and I am a student in Chorale, one of the three choirs at SU. I am a senior transfer student and an RA on campus. This quarter for my independent project, I decided to record a cover of my favorite @indiaarie song called "Sacred Space". I asked a good friend of mine to help me with an instrumental track and the rest is history! I hope you enjoy!”

Watch Sierra's Video

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