Seattle University Choirs

Wondering how singing at Seattle U will work during Coronavirus? 

You may have heard of singing referred to as a ‘super-spreader’ event – and it’s true that the verdict is still out about how and when choirs can sing together again in person. Nothing can replace the experience of communal singing. That’s indisputable! But we pledge to stay creative, connected, and growth-minded during these unusual times.

The Seattle University Music Program (both instrumental & vocal) is fully virtual for Fall Quarter 2020. We have exciting plans for you nonetheless!

Reach out to Dr. Conley-Holcom, Director of Choral & Vocal Activities, to learn more about the structure of our courses and/or to view a recording of our recent Town Hall, which lays out plans and meeting structures for FQ20 classes:

Welcome to new singers! How to get involved

For Fall 2020, auditions will be held virtually on Zoom on Tuesday, September 8. Classes begin the next day, Wednesday, September 9.

  • Auditions are required for University Chorale, Chamber Singers, and private voice lessons. 
  • Auditions are recommended, but not required, for Vocal Technique & Performance and for University Singers.

Audition Sign-Up

Check your email for a Zoom link by the morning of Tuesday 9/8. Please plan to 'arrive' early for your slot - there will be waiting room you can be in prior to being let in for your appointment. If you have any issues arise that day, please email.

Auditions require very little preparation and take approximately ten minutes. We ask that you arrive warmed up, bring a solo of your choice (accompaniment is optional; something simple such as a folk song or Happy Birthday is sufficient), be prepared to vocalize your full range and complete an introductory musicianship exercise. Think of it as a miniature voice lesson.

Scholarships and Leadership Opportunities for Singers

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in choirs regardless of their major, and scholarships are available both in recognition of outstanding merit/talent and in support of student leaders who serve our program.

Leadership roles include:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Section Leaders
  • Crew
  • Concert House Manager
  • Choral Librarian
  • Communications Team and more

Scholarship applications are received on a rolling basis; to be considered for a merit scholarship or leadership position, please reach out via email.

2020-2021 Choral/Vocal Program Course Offerings

  • University Chorale - MUSC-1300-01 or -3300-01 (1 credit) M/W/F 12:30- 1:55pm
    • audition required, course fee of $20 to cover virtual choir production
  • Chamber Singers - MUSC-1310-01 or -3310-01 (1 credit) M/W 3:40- 5:15pm
    • audition required, course fee of $20 to cover virtual choir production
  • University Singers - MUSC-1340-01 (1 credit) Wednesdays 6:00-8:00pm
    • no audition required; open to students/alumni/staff/faculty/community members; 1:1 appointment encouraged to meet the director & be placed in the correct section, course fee of $20 to cover virtual choir production
  • Vocal Technique & Performance - MUSC 3910-01 (1 credit) Fridays 10:55am- 12:20pm
    • no audition required; group voice class focusing on development of solo performance skills and healthy techniqe. 
  • Private Voice Lessons – MUSC-1110 or 3110 (1 credit = 30 min weekly lesson; 2 credits = 60 min weekly lesson) - Lessons scheduled independently with your instructor
    • Course fee is $95/credit, but can be offset with a choral scholarship if you also join an ensemble.

We have openings in the studios of Ross Hauck and Tess Altiveros this fall! Contact Dr. C with interest:

  • Conducting (introductory course available to both choral and instrumental conductors) - offered Winter Quarter 2021


Contact Dr. Leann Conley-Holcom, Director of Choral and Vocal Activities, by email or by phone at 206-296-537


Rosa Joshi, MFA
Department Chair

Rosie Sabaric
Program Coordinator

Em Olson
Operations Manager