Honors Student Rachel Liuzzi's (BA'14, MFA '16) video about the Theatre Program at SU


Theatre Degrees

The Theatre program at Seattle University offers a conservatory style experience within the framework of a broad based Jesuit liberal arts education. Students are thrown into an immersive theatre experience that encourages a larger exploration of what it means to make theatre in the world today.



Kevin Maifeld
Acting Chair, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership
Director, Arts Leadership

Aly Bedford
Program Coordinator

Stefanie Fatooh
Director of Arts Programming

paper boat floating on a lake with a rocky bottom
Uncharted Waters

Undergraduate theatre programs Seattle University, Cornish College of the Arts, and the University of Washington join forces to combat artistic isolation and build creative community. Read about it in American Theatre 

Rosa Joshi
Rosa Joshi

Rosa Joshi directed Henry IV part I  at the Folger Theatre, Washington DC.


Dominic CodyKramers
Dominic CodyKramers

designed sound for Everything Is Illuminated at Book-it Repertory Theatre.




a periodic open forum for students to experiment with performance for an audience of their peers


a program designed to bring visiting artists, faculty and students together in a creative exploration that artistically stretches everyone involved.