Wondering how singing at Seattle U will work during Coronavirus? 

You may have heard of singing referred to as a ‘super-spreader’ event – and it’s true that the verdict is still out about how and when choirs can sing together again in person. Nothing can replace the experience of communal singing. That’s indisputable! But we pledge to stay creative, connected, and growth-minded during these unusual times.

The Seattle University Music Program (both instrumental & vocal) is fully virtual for Fall Quarter 2020. We have exciting plans for you nonetheless!

Reach out to Dr. Conley-Holcom, Director of Choral & Vocal Activities, to learn more about the structure of our courses and/or to view a recording of our recent Town Hall, which lays out plans and meeting structures for FQ20 classes:


Seattle University Choirs are open to all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of major. An audition/assessment is required for placement in all choral ensembles and private lessons. Auditions are held primarily during the first week of Fall Quarter each year, though new singers are accepted during the year based upon openings in our ensembles. If you are interested in joining a choir or beginning voice lessons mid-year, please reach out. We look forward to hearing you sing and finding a place for you in our music department!

Auditions consist of:

  • Singing a short section of a solo of your choice 
  • Vocalizing range
  • Short musicianship evaluation
  • Learn a new song: checking for retention, application of new ideas, willingness to learn and make mistakes

Questions? Email Dr. Conley-Holcom, Director of Choral and Vocal Activites, at


Rosa Joshi, MFA
Department Chair

Rosie Sabaric
Program Coordinator

Em Olson
Operations Manager