2020-2021 Choral/Vocal Program Course Offerings

University Chorale - MUSC-1300-01 or -3300-01 (1 credit) M/W 12:30- 1:55pm

  • audition required, course fee of $20 to cover virtual choir production

Chamber Singers - MUSC-1310-01 or -3310-01 (1 credit) M/W 3:40- 5:15pm

  • audition required, course fee of $20 to cover virtual choir production

University Singers - MUSC-1340-01 (1 credit) Wednesdays 6:00-8:00pm

  • no audition required; open to students/alumni/staff/faculty/community members; course fee of $20 to cover virtual choir production

Vocal Technique & Performance - MUSC 3910-02 (1 credit) Fridays 10:55am- 12:20pm

  • no audition required; group voice class focusing on development of solo performance skills and healthy technique.

Conducting – MUSC-3910-03 (2 credits) Mondays 10:55am- 12:20pm

  • no audition required; introduction to conducting gesture, basic patterns, preparatory gestures, etc. and how to lead choral & instrumental ensembles

Private Voice Lessons – MUSC-1110 or 3110 (1 credit = 30 min weekly lesson; 2 credits = 60 min weekly lesson) - Lessons scheduled independently with your instructor

  • audition required, course fee is $95/credit and can be offset with a choral scholarship if you also join an ensemble

Choral and Vocal Music

Dr. Leann Conley-Holcom

Director of Choral & Vocal Activities

(206) 296-5371


Dr. Lee Peterson

Assistant Director of Choral Music


Department Contact

Kevin Maifeld

Acting Chair, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership Director, Arts Leadership



Aly Bedford

Program Coordinator



Stefanie Fatooh

Director of Arts Programming



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Contact Dr. Leann Conley-Holcom, Director of Choral and Vocal Activities.