What kind of permit do I need?

If you are an employee, you can view the list of available permits here. Students can view the list of permits available to them hereBack to top

Where can I park with my permit?

Employees can view what lots are open to them by looking to their permit type on this page. Students can view what lots are open to them by looking to their permit type on this page. Additionally, you can find a map of the parking garages here. Back to top

How do I renew my permit?

You can order or renew a parking permit online at The Permit Store. Should you need assistance, there are detailed instructions for this process. Back to top

When can I purchase a permit?

Purchase dates for upcoming academic periods are on our main page. Back to top

Who is eligible to purchase a carpool permit and how do I apply for one?

A carpool must consist of two or more people who meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in classes or be a full time employee
  • Arrive to campus together in a carpool registered vehicle
  • Live more than one mile away from campus and within a logical commute path of each other (carpool should not pass by campus to pick up members)
  • No member of the carpool team can have an outstanding campus parking violation
  • No member of the carpool team must be currently registered for an ORCA transit pass

You can apply for one online at The Permit Store Back to top

I only want to park on campus short-term, where do I get a permit?

For infrequent or short-term parking, Pay by Day permits can purchased on iParq for faculty, staff and students. For short-term, overnight parking, please purchase the consecutive days through iParq in in one order. Back to top

What if I want to buy a Motorcycle permits?

Currently, Motorcycle permits are only available for purchase in our office. Back to top

How do I change the vehicle associated to my permit?

One vehicle can be associated to a permit at a time. Click here to view instructions on how to change your associated vehicle.  Back to top   

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