I want to bike to campus. What are my options?

If you plan on biking to campus you should register your bike here, and make sure to browse the biking regulations.
Registered bikers have access to shower facilities, secure bike racks and lockers. Find out more on the biking at SU information page.

What if I carpool or bus to campus but need to stay late or an off-campus emergency occurs?

Non-student employees can come to the Parking and Transportation and Public Safety offices for a free cab ride in the case of such an emergency situation.

I have an ORCA card, but I'm not familiar with Seattle. How do I get around?

King County Metro provides an online trip planner. Google Transit also has public transit information.

What kind of carpool and vehicle sharing options are available?

See the carpool and vehicle sharing information page.

I'm an employee and I walk to work. Are there any incentives available to me?

Non-student employees can register as walkers to receive a complementary parking card for five days of parking each month should they need to drive to campus. There is a $10 enrollment fee for the program, and you can sign up in the Parking and Transportation office.

What if I take the ferry?

If you have an ORCA transit pass, visit the Parking and Transportation office in USB 102 to add ferry products to your card. More details are available on the employee ORCA information page.

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