Transportation and Parking Services


Welcome to the SU parking page

Term-length passes may be purchased online through The Permit Store, see links on right. Your permit will be mailed within 7-10 days of purchase, and you may print a temporary parking permit at The Permit Store valid for up to thirty days after your purchase.

5-Day Supplemental Parking Cards and Temporary Parking Permits must be pre-ordered online here, and your vehicle must also be registered with the University, which can be done here.

Parking permits are not transferable.

Current vehicle information must be on file with Public Safety. Should you vehicle information change, the information must be updated with Public Safety so accurate information is on file.

  • For Bar Prep course parking, please contact Public Safety for parking permits at 206-296-5992

  • Students parking permits may be purchased by Seattle University students who are employed by SU for the summer, on campus residents for summer term, and student enrolled taking summer classes.
  • Intermittent Permits are not sold during the summer.  We offer pro-rated student supplemental parking permits.

    $25 per week for day commuter and on campus residents

    $12.50 per week for evening commuter and carpool


  • All Seattle University employees and students parking on campus must have their vehicle(s) registered with Seattle University Public Safety & Transportation via iParq.