*Transportation Update*

Through university restructuring, Transportation and Parking Services has been transferred from Public Safety to Facilities & Campus Services. Transportation is still located in the Public Safety office: 206.296.5992.

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 8:30am to 4:00pm

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday-Sunday - CLOSED
University Holidays - CLOSED

Parking Services 

Welcome to the Seattle University Parking Services homepage.

To purchase parking permits through the iParq system, please visit seattleu.thepermitstore.com.

Otherwise, please use the links below to find out more information about parking on campus.

 Parking Permits Required All Hours All Days, Including Summer

Monthly parking permits currently available. 

Pigott Parking Lot Pilot Program: During the Pigott Visitor parking lot (P1) Pilot Program, which is in effect from Nov. 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024, visitor-only parking hours are revised to Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.– 3 p.m. 

Parking Permits are required all hours all days parking on campus.  

  • All SU parking permits are virtual permits
  • Employees and students may purchase only one Seattle University term-length parking permit or subsidized transportation product at a time each academic term. Transportation and Parking Services cannot provide a subsidized transportation product (LIFT subsidy, subsidized Puget Pass, or subsidized walk-on Ferry pass) and a term-length parking permit to the same employee or student in the same term.
  • Seattle University Parking Regulations

Electric Vehicle Charging

Seattle University has a total of 10 electric vehicle chargers available to the campus community. 8 chargers are located at the north end of the Pigott Visitor Lot (P1) and 2 chargers are located in the 13th & East Cherry Lot (P6). A link to a campus map is included below.

Campus Map

Electric Vehicle Charger Usage Rules

  • Users may park and charge their vehicle for a maximum of 4 hours, after which time the vehicle must be moved to another spot
  • Users must possess a valid SU student/staff/faculty/visitor parking permit to park on campus and charge their vehicle
  • Student and Employee iParq permit holders may park in the Pigott Visitor Lot while charging their vehicle but must move to another lot if charging is completed during the visitor-only timeframe (Monday-Friday, 7:00am-3:00pm)
  • Visitor and Guest permit holders, and any PayByPhone or Permit Machine customers, may park in the Pigott Visitor Lot while charging their vehicle but must move to another unrestricted space in the Pigott Visitor Lot after charging is completed
  • You may not unplug the charger from any vehicle that you cannot access
  • Contact Parking Services with any questions: ParkingServices@seattleu.edu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I buy my permit for the next term?
A: Permits are usually available 1-2 weeks before the scheduled start of an academic term.

Q: If I don't see any permits available to purchase in Iparq does it mean I don't need a permit to park on campus?
A: No, a valid permit is available all days at all times to park on campus. This includes any University holidays and breaks between terms.

Q: If I don't see any permits available to purchase in iParq what should I do?
A: Contact Parking Services during business hours at 206-296-5992 or by email at ParkingServices@seattleu.edu. Please be ready to provide your name, SU ID number, and the type of permit that you need access to.

Q: Will the University run out of permits if I don't purchase mine in time?
A: The University will not run out of permits to issue.

Q: I tried to buy my permit but iParq was too slow/I had a bad connection/the payment failed, can I park and leave a note on my car?
A: Any technical issues should be reported to Parking Services at 206-296-5992 or ParkingServices@seattleu.edu as soon as possible for assistance. Unpermitted vehicles are still subject to citation. Parking permits can be purchased in advance to allow ample time for your permit to be activated and any issues to be resolved.

Q: I received a citation and I want to appeal it. Can I call or email to appeal the citation?
A: All appeals must follow the formal appeal process through iParq. More information can be found here: https://www.seattleu.edu/transportation/parking/citations/

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