How to Order a Permit

Before starting, you will need:

  • SU credentials to login 

*Please note: the following steps display the Faculty/Staff Annual permit being ordered. The process is the same for ordering any permit*


Step 1: Click on the following link and visit: and Login using your SU credentials 

Step 2: Click on "Permits"

Step 3: You will see all permits you are pre-approved for, select the permit, and click on "add item" 

*Note:  should you have a parking question, contact Public Safety 24/7 at 206-296-5990

Step 4: Click on "Continue"

Step 5: Select a vehicle or add vehicle information and then click on "continue"

Step 6: Select payment method and add information to complete the order then click on "continue"

Step 7: Review the order information and scroll to the bottom of this page to select "I agree"

Step 8: Click on "I agree"

Step 9: End on this "Thank you for your order" page and make sure you received a confirmation email