Please note the Employee Walker/Biker Program is being discontinued and the last quarter of the program is Summer Quarter 2019.

Registered Employee Walker/Biker Program

Beginning Fall Quarter 2018 $15 Quarterly Fee

Purpose of the Program: The Walker/Biker Program is a project initiated by Seattle University’s department of Public Safety and Transportation in order to encourage the use of environmentally conscious ways of commuting to and from campus. Seattle University employees who are willing and able to walk or bike to work a majority of the time are provided limited amounts of affordable parking on campus as we look to become more environmentally friendly.

The program also provides showering facilities for the convenience of employees, and the option to use a locker by inquiring with the Student Center on campus.

Terms and Conditions: The following terms and conditions are applicable to all participants in the program, regardless of the method of transportation they use:

1.       Participant agrees that they are an employee of Seattle University.

2.       Participant is within walking/biking distance of the Seattle University campus.

3.       Participant agrees that they will walk or bike to campus for 80% or more of their overall quarterly commute.

4.       Participant agrees to all parking regulations of Seattle University when using the Flex Parking passes.

5.       Participant understands that in order to receive their parking card, they must register their vehicle with iParq and/or pay or appeal any and all open citations that are tied to their account and vehicles.

6.       Participant agrees to register any vehicle driven onto campus will be registered to their iParq account.

7.       Participant agrees that upon termination, resignation, or cancellation of their participation in the Walker/Biker program that they will return their parking card to the Seattle University Public Safety and Transportation Office.

8.       Participants agree to all terms and conditions listed on the Flex Parking card and understand that violation of those conditions can lead to loss of parking privileges at Seattle University.

9.       The Walker/Biker program is subject to future modification and changes by Seattle University.

10.   Participant acknowledges that the Walker/Biker program is exclusive, and that participants lose eligibility for other parking and transit options until the beginning of the next term. Supplemental Passes may still be purchased from the Public Safety and Transportation office.

Notice: All sales of Walker/Biker Program services are final.  Parking passes and program payments are non-refundable.