Public Safety is located in the Columbia Building

Public Safety is located in 1313 Columbia Building (CLMB). Community members have 24-hour card swipe access to the main building doors to connect with Public Safety, or call 24-hours a day 206.296.5990The business office is open Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 4:00pm and Friday 8:30am to 3:00pm 

Seattle University offers several programs that were created and/or modified specifically to encourage SU community members to use alternative transportation. The University's CTR program has been recognized by King County Metro as a Diamond Award Winner for its strong contribution to commute trip reduction.

Biking at SU

The university offers a few incentives to employees who are registered bicyclist. These benefits include a secure commuter bike storage, access to shower and locker space, as well as 5 days of parking per month for $15 per quarter.

Online Transit Planners

King County's Trip Planner | Google Transit | Rideshare Online  

ORCA Transit Pass

Employees pay $13.38/month for a university-subsidized ORCA Transit Pass. This pass includes bus and train travel across four counties, van pools and van sharing, Seattle water taxi and an emergency taxi ride home if needed. ORCA Transit Pass holders are also eligible to register for a ORCA Flex parking permit which provides up to 15 days of parking per quarter.  Once enrolled for the ORCA flex parking permit, a rider can redeem a day of parking by login in and validating their parking through the permit store webpage. For those who also use the Washington State Ferry System, Seattle University offers a 72% subsidy to employees using walk-on ferry service. Car ferry service is not eligible for subsidy.

Launched by King County Metro in 2015, the ORCA LIFT card is a reduced fare transit passed for eligible riders. Monthly passes are currently priced at $54, bringing the total cost to $162 per quarter -or- $216 per semester. If you do not qualify for ORCA LIFT, you are still eligible for a subsidy, but the process is a bit different. The university will subsidize approximately 55% of a pass used mainly for travel within King County or approximately 60% of the cost of a pass used to travel from outside of King County.


Employees and students have access to a wealth of benefits and resources for reducing the impact their commute has on their wallets and the environment, including carpooling, ridesharing and local vehicle rentals.


Employees who are registered walkers receive a parking card for five days of parking each month should they need to park on campus. There is a $15 per quarter charge for enrollment in this program.

Guaranteed Ride Home

The university pays for a cab ride home in case of an emergency for employees who do not take their car to work. Contact with questions, or visit our office if you need to take advantage of this program.

Public Safety & Transportation
901 12th Avenue
CLMB 002
Seattle, WA 98122-1090
(206) 296-5992


Business Office HOURS

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Parking Questions may be answered 24 hours a day by calling the Public Safety Communication Center at 206-296-5990