Departmental Guest Parking Request Form

*Transportation Update*

Through university restructuring, Transportation and Parking Services has been transferred from Public Safety to Facilities & Campus Services. Transportation is still located in the Public Safety office: 206.296.5992.

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 8:30am to 4:00pm

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday-Sunday - CLOSED
University Holidays - CLOSED

Virtual Guest/Vendor Parking Permits

Guest Parking Permits Are Virtual Parking Permits and Must Be Booked Three Business Days in Advance of Guest Arrival. 

Guest Parking instructions:

  • Step 1:  Please fill out the form below and provide the accurate budget number for billing (the info you provide is used to generate the EVITE)
  • Step 2:  Depending on volume of requests, it can take approximately 1-3 business days to generate the EVITE
  • Step 3:  We will send you an e-mail that contains the EVITE link.  You will send the EVITE link to your university guest(s).  The EVITE is the portal in which the guest(s) will enter their vehicle license plate to have a valid virtual guest parking permit for their visit to campus. 

Last-Minute Requests

It is highly recommended to book guest parking in advance, but we do realize that occasionally there might be a last-minute request. If you are sending this request form on the same day that your guest(s) are arriving, please be sure to call our office (206) 296-5992 to see if the same day request can be processed.  Same day processing is not recommended or guaranteed.  Due to short notice requesting, if a guest parking EVITE can not be processed prior to the guest parking on campus, the guest would need to pay to park at one of the pay stations on campus or through the PayByPhone App.   

Guest Parking Criteria

This form is for SU community members ONLY who have authorization to use their departmental budget for expenditures. Guests and vendors needing parking on campus should go through their University Point of Contact to make those arrangements. Note: Guest parking is extremely limited (approx. 20 guest spaces each business day) from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. After business hours, parking availability opens up significantly.

Guest parking permits are for university guests only and may not be used for Faculty, Staff, or Student parking.  Guest parking permits are only purchased with a university budget.

Guest parking requests are billed for the total number of registered license plates.

Rates Effective 9/1/2022. Rates for SU Departments hosting their guests (current employees and students must purchase their permits through iParq). Tiered pricing structure applies Monday-Saturday. Sunday pricing is as listed in the table.

Hours Price
0-2 $6
2:01-4 $10
Full Day $15
Evening (after 5pm) $8
Sundays $8