Alumni Spotlights

Sara Beery

Alumni Spotlight - Sara Beery

The opportunity provided by SUECE to participate in academic research starting early in my undergraduate studies provided the groundwork for success in graduate school.

James R Hall


James is a scientist, an innovator, who contributed to our advances in technology from his work in early color television, early high speed computer data information access processing, war defense and intruder surveillance, Star Wars defense projects, advanced laser technology for medical and energy generation, space power technology, and the International Space Station power systems, just to name a few. Read the rest of James' story and advice for current students by clicking the link below.

Tim Nguyen

Alumni Spotlight - Tim Nguyen

Being an ECE student at SU allowed me to experience many undergraduate research opportunities, practical and exciting Junior Lab projects and capstone projects, great options for extra-curricula, and the close-knit community between the professors and the students and between the students ourselves.