Student Spotlights

Jessica Bowerman

Student Spotlight - Jessica Bowerman

" Everyone here wants to help you learn and it shows."

Cameron Ching

Student Spotlight - Cameron Ching

"The ECE department has always supported me. Though some courses may be difficult, you will always find support from anyone in the department."

Lucas Ehinger

Student Spotlight - Lucas Ehinger

"The strength of the ECE department is its small size. No 200 student lecture halls, no professors who don't care about teaching, no 30 min walks to get to class."

Melvin Lieu

Student Spotlight - Melvin Lieu

"I love how small the classes are and the close relationships you can develop with your colleagues AND professors. "

Aziz Aziz

Student Spotlight - Aziz Aziz

"My first ECE course, Digital Design, has been fantastic. A lot of fun, challenging and educational."