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Kinesiology, MS

Earn your Master of Science in Kinesiology from Seattle University and excel in sport science.

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About this Program

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders in Sports & Exercise

Seattle University’s Master of Science in Kinesiology program provides students with an integrated study of movement that includes the physiological, mechanical and behavioral aspects of physical activity and data science.

The curriculum includes lectures and laboratory courses, seminars, independent study and mentored research.

Graduates will write a thesis based on their data collection, analysis and interpretation, often out of the lab and within real-world settings. 

You will be ready to pursue further graduate training such as advanced study at the doctoral level, admission to allied health professional programs or medical school.

Master of Science in Kinesiology at a Glance

Learn this degree from the Department of Kinesiology will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University degree can be.

Our program is designed to provide the fundamental framework for understanding and conducting research in kinesiology. In addition to coursework, students complete a research project as part of the thesis requirement under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Through a rigorous research experience, students will demonstrate their mastery of the material and to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of kinesiology.


  • Synthesize advanced knowledge in the field of movement science
  • Critically evaluate and integrate current research in the field of movement science
  • Establish evidence-based practice to develop, assess, and prescribe health/exercise/sports interventions for research and general community.
  • Effectively communicate scientific principles and findings from the field of movement science to both peer and non-peer audiences
  • Demonstrate professional behavior consistent with discipline, including a) an understanding of the societal and individual importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, b) adherence to professional ethics, c) service to others, d) shared responsibility and successful collaboration with peers, and e) commitment to lifelong learning

What You’ll Learn

Learn about the classes you’ll take as a student here.

Experiential Learning to Advance Your Career

Student wearing medical equipment

Graduate Assistantships in Kinesiology

Gain research and lab experience through graduate assistantships in kinesiology. Include a resume with your application and be considered for part-time, paid positions in the department.

The mobile kinesiology lab

Mobile Laboratory: Community-Engaged Learning

The mobile laboratory is an innovative solution to invest in our students and community by providing portable technology that can be used for education, research and community engagement. It is our model for the future of kinesiology and a way of empowering the next generation to create societal impact through human movement!

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Human Performance Lab: Hands-on Research

At Seattle University's Human Performance Lab, we pride ourselves in the hands-on research experience that students gain. We challenge students to answer their own questions in the laboratory. Every day is a new challenge in the lab and we want to empower our students to pursue their dreams.

From Our Alumni

Katy Andersen, ‘22

 “In the first quarter alone, we were able to perform our own research projects in which we could familiarize ourselves with various equipment of our choosing, such as EMGs, force plates, gait analysis treadmill software, 3D motion capture technology and more. Before I came to SU, I had zero experience with lab technology. Thanks to this program, however, my learning has been taken from textbooks and classrooms to real life application, and I am now confident in my abilities as a researcher!”

MS in Kinesiology

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