Lucas Ehinger

Lucas Ehinger

Major: Electrical Engineering w/ Comp. Spec. & Physics. Minors: Math and Computer Science

Graduation Year: 2022

"The strength of the ECE department is its small size. No 200 student lecture halls, no professors who don't care about teaching, no 30 min walks to get to class. Professors are always available before, during, and after class. Best of all, many of them do research. The only thing better than getting close instruction in a class of 20 is getting practically 1-on-1 instruction during research over summer from someone who is truly an expert in their field!"

Hobbies and Technical Interests:

As a physics and ECE major, I'm planning on combining both fields to pursue a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics. Thanks to the strong support of professors, I've been able to publish twice and have an internship at CERN this summer. Outside of school, I like to ski, hike, and run. I can also unicycle, although if I want to get anywhere fast, I'll probably take a bike.

Why did you choose SU?

I chose SU because of its great student-to-teacher ratio. The department is a very close-knit community and accessing professors (whether it be for help on classwork or an interest in some other engineering topic) is quite easy. The student community is also very tight, friendly, and welcoming.

Why did you choose your major?

I love understanding how the world works. Whether that be a computer chip or a proton, everything is more complex and complicated once you look closely. I had no idea what I wanted to study beyond something in physics/engineering when I entered SU. However, classes and research experiences soon helped me figure this out.