Graduate Perspective

Graduate Perspective

Kiran Dhanoa and Sarah Mansa, both Seattle University graduates, believe that the Senior Design Project experience has been integral to their success as engineers and their ability to compete in the job market.

Kiran feels that her education at Seattle University, and her experiences in the Senior Design project, in particular, helped to differentiate her from her peers at other universities and, therefore, made her more competitive in the job market. She agrees that the Senior Design project is a wonderful opportunity to network with employers, and even sees it as the first step in the job-seeking process.

Sarah says that acting as a project manager in the Senior Design project allowed her to develop and sharpen her leadership abilities. Sarah Mansa graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. She is currently employed by the Boeing Company as a member of the Research and Development department, focusing on the area of Electromagnetics. Sarah feels that her Senior Design experience greatly impacted her ability to obtain her position at Boeing.

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