What is Senior Design?

You've been trained and educated for many years and now it is time to put your books aside a bit, roll up your sleeves, and put into action your newly minted skills. Demonstrate to yourself it is possible and was all worth it!  During your senior year, you will bridge the gap between your academic experience and professional experience by participating in year-long design projects that involve real projects and real clients. Along with your faculty advisor, you will work closely with a sponsoring company or government agency to develop a product proposal, conduct the design analysis, produce a schedule and budget, design and build a prototype, debug and troubleshoot, prepare engineering reports, and then present your results to the sponsor and in a public forum. It may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but your confidence as an engineer will be well rooted, you will be well-supported working and playing with great team members, and lastly, your time will be filled with memorable experiences!
Some of the Sponsors: Boeing, Microsoft, Kenworth, AT&T, Cisco, and many others. In keeping with university mission, some teams take on socially conscious engineering projects, such as designing devices that assist persons with disability and developing green/renewable energy products.

Senior Design Team Projects