What is Senior Design?

Years of diligent study have led you to this exciting juncture - the chance to apply your freshly acquired skills in a real-world setting. Take this opportunity to prove to yourself that your efforts have been worthwhile! In your final year, you will bridge the theoretical and practical worlds of engineering by participating in comprehensive design projects that span an entire academic year. These projects aren't just academic exercises - they involve authentic projects and actual clients.

Guided by a faculty advisor, you will collaborate closely with a sponsoring company or government agency to create a product proposal. From there, you'll conduct design analysis, create a schedule and budget, build a prototype, and tackle any technical issues that arise. You'll also prepare detailed engineering reports and present your findings to the sponsor and at a public forum.

Yes, it's a challenging endeavor, but it's also an enriching one. You'll grow in confidence as an engineer, develop strong team bonds, and create lasting memories! Our sponsors include major industry players like Boeing, Microsoft, Kenworth, AT&T, Cisco, among others. Furthermore, aligning with our university's mission, we also champion socially responsible engineering projects. These include creating devices to aid individuals with disabilities and pioneering green and renewable energy solutions.

Senior Design Presentations

Senior Design Team Projects