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Hello and Welcome to the Innovation Lab: Design Center & Makerspace!

Welcome to the Francis Wood, S.J. Nick Arvanitidis, Ph.D. Innovation Lab.  This is one of several makerspaces on campus, including the Billodue makerspace. The Innovation Lab Makerspace is operated by Seattle University's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. We are devoted to empowering emerging entrepreneurs and enthusiastic hobbyist in their ventures. Our expertise lies in assisting you with the design and assembly of both analog and digital electronic devices. We are located in room 223 in the Bannan Center for Science and Engineering (Bannan Center). 

Master Through Creation & Design

We stand by the notion that genuine, first-hand experience is the most effective form of learning. In many aspects, life experience is the pinnacle of education. Our makerspace serves as a hub where learners and makers can gather, discover shared passions, unleash their creativity, and embark on a journey of exploration and knowledge acquisition. We present you with the chance to grow and employ your DIY creativity and DIY innovation in tangible ways, allowing you to develop and execute projects of your own selection.

Nikola Tesla aspired to devise a system for powering homes wirelessly, which led him to invent the Tesla coil, the first-ever system for wireless electricity transmission. The photo to the right demonstrates this: a fluorescent light bulb, still in its shipping packaging, lights up when near the Tesla coil – a vivid display of Tesla's pioneering invention - ink to Tesla Coil Soldering Kit.

What are your innovative aspirations? Join us at the Innovation Lab to engage in a variety of maker-inspired free workshops and projects. Alongside newfound friends, you can delve into activities such as assembling electronic soldering kits, designing printed circuit boards, or participating in arts and crafts. Join student-led Raspberry Pi clone board designs, delve into the world of hardware experimentation and coding, or explore our range of robotics kits. We provide the essential tools for 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, and vinyl cutting, empowering you to bring your creative vision to life

Play Area

Take a deep breath, hold it, now relax and enter the makerspace for a bit of electrified play. Consider this makerspace your playground area. Set aside the homework for a time while building something of interest to you. And, what you build does not have to be electric or computer related! Make customized printed t-shirts, jewelry, gifts, ...we will leave it up to your imagination. And if it is electrified, we are packed with toys to tinker with. This is also a place where you can self-develop your engineering knowhow and entrepreneurship. 

What Hiring Managers Look For

Firsthand experience is highly desired as a means to discovering talent with in-depth knowledge and honed skills. When reviewing resumes, hiring managers consider which candidates have the hands-on experience necessary to hit the ground running, or the least amount of training to successfully fulfill the position. Many believe that practical skills often outweigh academic achievements. There is a marked difference between simply memorizing facts and genuinely understanding how to design a product or system. To bridge this gap, exposure to relevant, real-world project exercises is crucial.


 Hours and Events

Hours and events are posted outside the Innovation Lab, located in the Bannan Center room 223



Printed Circuit Design Club Meeting
PCB Design Club 1st Meeting


Field Trip to Electronics Manufacturing Plant

Students tour of the Printed Circuit Assembly Corporation electronics manufacturing facility. Firsthand view and specialized training in product manufacturing, machinery in use, rework demo, and quoting process. Here, students view the demonstration of replacing a Power Managment Intergrated Chip (PMIC) on a Raspberry Pi board. 
computer engineering electronics manufacturing facility tour
The Innovation Lab Makerspace includes advance soldering and rework tools. Lab assistants are available to assist you with your board manufacturing and assembly. 

3D Printing Playshop


Soldering Workshop

City of Seattle Youth Employment Program interns and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department come together to facilitate a campus makerspace and soldering workshop. 
Video Link   Video Link   Video Link

LED DIY Soldering Kits Heart


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