Campus Tours

We are currently hosting in-person tours for Spring Quarter 2021 and Fall Quarter 2021 admitted students only. We are evaluating options for prospective student tours.

If you are eager to visit campus and are not in the above groups, we invite you to register for a self-guided tour.

Campus Tours

  • In-Person Campus Tours - Currently, in-person campus tours are being offered only for students who have been admitted to Seattle University. Admitted students can access the registration for in-person tours by logging into their acceptance portals.
  • Self-Guided Campus Tours - Any Seattle University visitors are welcome to access the self-guided tour experience. To register for the self-guided tour experience, please click here.

Information Sessions

At the beginning of the campus visit, information sessions will take place in the Seattle University Vi Hilbert Hall (where the campus tour begins/ends). These information sessions are designed to give you a brief overview of the university, as well as our admissions and scholarship process. 

Making the most of your visit

Visiting a college is crucial to making your final decisions on which university you will ultimately attend. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your visit to Seattle University:

Eat on Campus

Grab a bite to eat at one of our on-campus eateries! Our student employees also love to recommend their favorite neighborhood lunch spots.

Read the school newspaper

Pick up a copy of The Spectator for a truly unique student perspective.

Talk to everyone and ask questions

Our students are more than happy to share their SU experience with you! Here are some questions we recommend you ask our tour guides:

  • What does it mean that Seattle University is a Jesuit university?
  • What is Quadstock?
  • Tell me more about your Outdoor Adventure and Recreation program.
  • What are your favorite places to hang out on and off campus?
  • What is the Core Curriculum? Do you have a favorite Core class?
  • I heard Seattle University has small class sizes; what has your classroom experience been like?
  • Someone explained that SU's campus is like "an oasis in the city." What does that mean?
  • Does it really rain all the time here? (spoiler alert: it doesn't!)
  • What will my professors expect of me academically?
  • What is your favorite aspect of attending Seattle University?
  • What is De-Stress with Dogs?
  • Do I have to declare a major when I start at SU?
  • What is advising like at SU and how would I choose my classes?

Parking and Additional Details

Visitor Parking pay stations accept Visa and Mastercard and are located at the Pigott Visitor Parking Lot, Murphy Parking Garage Level 1, Broadway Parking Garage Level 1. Please see the campus map for details.


Attend a Remote Information Session

Alumni leading a summer info session