Core Curriculum

At the center of Seattle University’s Jesuit academic experience is the Core Curriculum. With an emphasis on rigorous, contemporary courses, the Core is comprised of 12 classes taken over four years. Classes are designed by faculty members who have used their expertise to shape the content of each class and the curriculum invites students into engaged learning about themselves, their communities and the world.

Building on a strong foundation

We know you’re choosing an education carefully so that you will be prepared to achieve your dreams. We believe starting with a strong foundation puts our students in the best position to seize opportunities and contribute to the world. The core curriculum provides this foundation.  

The core curriculum helps you think deeply about the world and your place in it. It is a shared experience with leading scholars and your fellow students. And it is designed to help you discover and apply the unique talents you have to share with the world to make it a better place.

Contributing in your chosen field

You don’t have to wait to contribute to your chosen field. At the same time that you build an educational foundation with the core curriculum, you also become an expert in your chosen program or major. And at Seattle University, you may have the opportunity to contribute original research in your field while you are still an undergraduate.

Writing Research

Writing research as an undergraduate makes for an impressive addition to your résumé. Plus, it's fun. Students involved in research come to appreciate how knowledge is created.

History majors learn to prove theories with research and think like historians. Business majors generate their own ideas for business ventures and witness firsthand how corporations reach pivotal marketing decisions. Students planning nursing careers experience the real-life challenges and rewards of daily service to others.

Faculty Collaboration

Faculty members, all top scholars in their fields, provide opportunities to collaborate with them on research. Seattle University also participates at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, where students from all over the nation present original research.

Students may also present research at Seattle University's annual celebration of scholarship. That event offers students a confidence-building experience, whether they're headed for graduate school, the business world, or anywhere professional demeanor is essential to success.

Student in physics lab