Student Stories

Alan Yu, '17
Computer Science

My name is Alan Yu. I graduated with the class of 2017 and my degree is in Computer Science. My home town is in Bellevue, Wash., and I went to high school there and I continue to live there today. There was a period of my time in my life where I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. One thing that I really was interested in was in tech. And I was really interested in the Seattle University curriculum, especially with their emphasis on industry and also very project centered classes. When I first joined Seattle University I took a lot of different classes; in theater, philosophy, ethics, women and children violence, social justice. I feel like that really helped me stand out from other candidates because I was able to share these different perspectives in my interviews and as well as in the work place as well. So, typically computer science students are really passionate about software engineering after graduation. However, what I’m doing after graduation is that I’ll be a technical program manager on the Azure SQL team at Microsoft. It’s all about your own personal growth. So if you find what you are passionate about you will be successful if you work hard for it.

Steven Jenkins, '17
Criminal Justice

My name is Steven Jenkins. I’m a 2017 graduate in Criminal Justice. Post graduation, I would like to work within the justice system, specifically with juveniles. My undergraduate experience has been twofold. One, on the men’s soccer program, and two, in the classroom with the Criminal Justice program. From men’s soccer, I came in a boy, and I left a man. I can honestly say that. The Seattle University Criminal Justice program really lit a fire under me to go out in the world and make a positive impact. I came in 2002 as a nineteen year old freshman, not knowing much about the Jesuit mission. Through my battle of illness, over a ten year period, it has become much more important to me. But what I would tell incoming Seattle U students, is be bold, stand for something, do your best in everything you do. Be social, be yourself. Get involved in your community and make a difference. Seattle University has been unlike anything else in my life they have been my rock really, through these fifteen years I’ve been here. And they have been like family to me. And I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience.

Tanaporn Sittasawassakul, '17
Strategic Communications

My name is Tanaporn Sittasawassakul. I go by Jamie Sitty, and Jam Sitty for fun. I’m from Nyack, NY which is about 30 minutes north of the Bronx. My area of study is Strategic Communications, and I chose it because of Mad Men. So before coming out here, I never really knew what — what’s a jesuit — I dunno. Through experience I have learned that the Jesuits are really really great at education, and especially education of the whole self, critical thinking — not just mind — but body and spirit. I remember coming out here to visit Seattle University for the first time, and what immediately attracted me, about the campus, was the fact that it was right in Capitol Hill. There’s so much going on. And I really enjoy that there’s food everywhere — I’m a huge foodie. This is a time for growth, and trust me, and if you let yourself you’re going to grow and it’ll be amazing.

Montgomery Preuitt, '17
Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

My name is Montgomery Preuitt, and I transferred from Pierce college in Puyallup. I chose Seattle University for a few different reasons. Coming to Seattle University gave me an opportunity to realign my life with my personal values. Ultimately it came down to mission for me and feeling a connection to it. I think the best thing out of the Jesuits is that they take a critical lens to everything including themselves which I think was most important for me. So the collegiate program is one of the programs that has helped me the most as a student at Seattle U. It’s basically a space on campus for students who don’t live on campus for students to go to and it’s kind of a home away from home. I look at my experience at Seattle U as very transformative It’s been a change for me to explore my world view and I see it as more that just an education. Pour your heart into your experience here at Seattle University. It’s a very rare opportunity and I think it’s important to take advantage of everything Seattle University has to offer.

Braden Wild '18
International Business and Economics

I’m Braden Wild. I’m graduating in June 2018 as a junior in International Business and Economics. My career aspirations are to continue working in the Pacific Northwest, specifically with coffee and how that plays into the global economy. My Seattle University experience thus far, has been me discerning where it is that I fit in the world and what that really means in a broader global context.

Caley Polkinghorn, '17
Molecular Biology/Spanish

I’m a junior here at Seattle University. I’m majoring in molecular biology and minoring in Spanish. After I graduate from Seattle U, I hope to attend medical school where I’ll study to be an OBGYN and hopefully work in women’s health one day. I came to Seattle U because it’s close to home and I know how many opportunities are in Seattle. I also really like that it’s a smaller Jesuit school so I get to know my professors better here.

Katie Bradley '18
Strategic Communication/Public Affairs

I am graduating in the class of 2018. I’m a Strategic Communications and Public Affairs double major. My career and professional aspirations after Seattle University is to hopefully go into Public Relations. Seattle University provides us with the education for us to go forward and to produce real change. And to shake things up a bit.

Daniel Verburg '17

My name is Daniel Verburg. I graduate in Spring 2017, and I’m an Accounting major. The big thing for me that brought me to Seattle U was the small community within a big city. My experience with Seattle University has opened my mind a lot. It’s provided me with different perspectives that I didn’t get before coming to Seattle University and it's also opened up a lot of opportunities.

Chris Mercurio, '17
Digital Design

I’m a senior, so I’ll be graduating in September next year and my major is Digital Design. What brought me to Seattle U at first was it’s a smaller school. It’s more personable so there’s a chance I’m going to get the education I want, which is the case. The Jesuit tradition has affected me in building my confidence and building my own identity.

Emily Boynton, '18

My name is Emily Boynton, and I transferred from Spokane Community College. I chose SU for kind of a lot different reasons. I love the location. I like being in downtown, but also having a campus vibe. We have like a beautiful campus and it’s kind of got it’s own little bubble, but then you step right off the edge, and you’re in downtown, and you have so many different things you can do and go see. And so that’s been really great. And I also love the small class sizes and the commitment to service in the area. One program that’s been specifically prevalent in my own life is Tau Sigma Gamma Mu which is a transfer student honor society on campus. I’m working as a Director of Communications, and so I get to see a lot of students. And it’s just been a really great way to have transfer students involved in one way that I’ve been really involved on campus. I didn’t know much about the Jesuits before coming here, and I think just the commitment to service and to developing the whole person — reaching into more than just your textbooks, things that can go on to into the rest of your life and things that will matter, past the walls of your campus and the pages in your textbook — is really important. One thing for transfer students is to also take a step and just work to be present and to enjoy your time in your undergraduate degree, because it’s something that only happens once, and I think it’s something that can be so fun. And you can get involved in so many things. So just being present is a great things for transfer students to really remember.

Bianca Penuelas, '17
Business Management

I graduate March or Winter 2017 and I’m a Business Management major. Knowing I was going into business, I thought “What’s better than being in the heart of Seattle?” Without Seattle U, I probably wouldn’t have gone abroad. Probably wouldn’t have brought my barriers down, wouldn’t have tried new things.