Interview Opportunities

Learn more about interview opportunities for prospective Seattle University students. We offer two options for interviews and both opportunities offer unique benefits.

Alumni Interviews

*Please be advised, alumni interviews are currently on hold due to limited staffing.*

Seattle University offers alumni interviews to prospective students that are juniors and seniors in high school. The purpose of this appointment is for students to connect with a Seattle University community member and provide the Admissions Office with information they otherwise may not find in an application. Please note, Alumni interviews are optional and not a required part of the application process.

Students may contact the Admissions Office with questions or concerns. Students who would like to discuss the application process and general Seattle University questions may contact their Admissions Counselor to arrange an informational interview. Find your Admissions Counselor.

Benefits of Alumni Interviews

  • Share information that may otherwise not be found on your application. 
  • Highlight academic and personal successes.
  • Connect with a community member who is able to share their personal experience with Seattle University.
  • A report is submitted by your Alumni Interviewer once the interview is completed. This will be added to your application for your Admissions Counselor to view. 

How do I schedule an Alumni interview? Students will request an interview using an online form that will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Admissions Counselor Informational Interviews

Your Admissions Counselor is here to support you through the application process. This opportunity is available to students who are looking to learn more about Seattle University's academic offerings or who would like to discuss their application in depth.

Benefits of Informational Interviews

  • Discuss discrepancies on transcripts. 
  • Learn more about the application process (deadlines, prerequisite requirements, required materials, etc.) 
  • Gather general information about programs offered at Seattle University. 
  • Get connected to other departments within the University. 
  • Notes of your conversation will be added to your applicant file. 

How do I schedule an Admissions Counselor Informational Interview? Find your Admissions Counselor and reach out to them!


FAQ for Prospective Students