International Applicant FAQ

International Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers below highlight some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. International students who have additional questions should contact the Undergraduate Admissions office.



How and when do I get my I-20?

Most students who transfer in their SEVIS record (I-20) from another school get their new one at the welcome workshop right before classes begin. However, if you are traveling be sure and contact the International Student Center (ISC) at Seattle University so they can assist you. Contact the International Student Center by emailing the ISC at


Can I have my I-20 mailed to my home country?

Yes, please work with the International Student Center (ISC) at Seattle University to help set that up for you. Conact the International Student Center by emailing Note, the government has instructed Seattle University to email I-20s, so that can reach you quicker.


I have concern with transferring while on Optional Practical Training (OPT). There is a window to maintain my F-1 status, how can I get assistance with this?

Please contact the International Student Center at Seattle University. They are the office who will be assisting with your I-20 transfer and can help you understand your options considering OPT.


My I-20 end date is coming up and I want to go home for the summer. How can I get my new I-20?

Make certain you complete the Seattle University transfer-in form with your current school’s international advisor and have your SEVIS record transferred. Once we have it, the International Student Center will work with you to get your new I-20. We are able to send it to you if you are traveling. Contact the International Student Center by emailing


I am out of the country and my visa is expiring. What should I do?

If you are transferring a SEVIS record into Seattle University contact the International Student Center (ISC) to assist you with getting your I-20. Then, you will also get instructions on how to get your visa appointment. You should keep an eye on appointments at the US embassy so that you know what kind of wait times are in place. Contact the Seattle University International Student Center at for questions.

If you need an entirely new I-20 and are not transferring a SEVIS record, contact admissions at Note, it is best if you remain on the same SEVIS record.


The US embassy in my country is not currently accepting visa applications. What should I do?

Make certain you have your immigration documents all ready, along if necessary your SEVIS fee paid, so that when they open you will be able to get an appointment easier. If you end up needing to defer a term, we can certainly move most majors to winter or spring quarter. If you are transferring in your I-20 from another school, be sure and check your student visa end date. Most are made for a substantial amount of time so it might be that you just need an I-20, not a new visa. Please contact the International Student Center (ISC) for more information by emailing


Will Seattle University classes be online or in person this fall?

Seattle University is monitoring the fall situation closely. The health and safety of our community is the most important thing to us. Seattle University is preparing to open for in-person classes in the fall. Stay up to date here.

If you have concerns with housing, please reach out to


I am transferring in, how do I register for classes?

Once you have confirmed your enrollment, you can schedule an advising appointment with an academic advisor who will register you for your first quarter classes.  Learn more about your next steps here.


With coronavirus concerns, I am concerned about traveling to the United States. Do you have any suggestions?

Seattle University puts the health and wellness of students as our priority concern. Currently, the situation in Seattle is much improved, but we are monitoring carefully. We expect to be open this fall for in person classes, but if it is not possible we will move online. Then, students can arrive in person for a later term. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office if you would like to start at a later quarter. 


Are there on campus employment opportunities for international students?

Yes, Seattle University tends to have a good number of open positions that international students can apply to. Be sure and check in with the International Student Center (ISC) to check on your qualification by emailing Please note, these would be non-work study jobs. Work study is for those receiving US Federal Aid or Washington State Aid only. But, SU offers both types of positions.


Does Seattle University have health insurance for International Students?

Yes, all students are provided health insurance if they don’t have adequate coverage of their own. For more information reach out to the International Student Center (ISC) by emailing


I have concerns with traveling over the summer, does Seattle University have guidance?

Travel is up to the State Department so be sure and check with the places you want to travel. It is different by region. The best advice it to check with the embassy in the places you wish to travel to see if there are any restrictions. Currently, there are few in Seattle as the situation here is improving. If you want more information concerning travel, please contact the International Student Center (ISC) via email at