Transfer Scholarships

2019-20 Merit Scholarships for Transfers

Transfer applicants who have completed minimally 36 transferable quarter credits after high school graduation will be considered for one of the following transfer merit scholarship awards based on their GPA at the time of their admission. Applicants who have completed fewer than 36 transferable quarter credits will be holistically reviewed for scholarship consideration. Both domestic and international students are eligible for consideration and there is no separate application required. Transfer students admitted with the English Language & Culture Bridge (ELCB) Program provision are not eligible to receive merit scholarships. Please note that post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for merit scholarships.

Transfer ScholarshipsAmountQualifications
Messina Scholarship $18,000 per academic year 3.75 - 4.0 cumulative transfer GPA.
Xavier Scholarship $15,000 per academic year 3.5 - 3.74 cumulative transfer GPA.
Loyola Scholarship $12,000 per academic year 3.25 - 3.49 cumulative transfer GPA.
Hurtado Scholarship $8,000 per academic year 3.0 - 3.24 cumulative transfer GPA.

Amounts are renewable for the number of years remaining to expected degree completion based on the class standing assigned by the Office of the Registrar upon admission.  For instance, students admitted as juniors will receive the awarded scholarship for two years (fall, winter and spring quarters). Additionally, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress which includes continuous full-time enrollment with the required GPA and completion of the required number of credits annually.

Freshman transfer applicants who apply for the winter quarter following their graduation from high school, have provided SAT or ACT scores and a high school transcript, and have a college record that cannot be discerned on a transcript because it is in progress will be considered for the freshman merit awards.

Grade Forgiveness for Merit Scholarship Consideration

Transfer applicants with college coursework completed seven or more years prior to their applying to Seattle University will automatically be considered for grade forgiveness if the GPA is significantly lower than more recent coursework.

Applicants with coursework completed less than seven years prior to enrollment, but greater than three years, may request a review for grade forgiveness. Applicants must submit a written explanation of their previous academic performance, what changed that helped them achieve greater academic success and how this insight has prepared them to be academically successful at Seattle University.  Decisions are made at the discretion of the Associate Director of Transfer Admissions.

Alfie Scholars

The Alfie Scholars Program was created to make the dream of attaining a bachelor’s degree a reality for transfer students from two-year colleges. The program provides the following:

  • $15,000 annual scholarship to Seattle University
  • Academic support programming that prepares students for the increased academic rigor of a four-year university
  • Opportunities for creating mutually reinforcing relationships
  • Customized curriculum to develop leadership skills
  • Preparation to become leaders to foster civility in their professions

For more information about the Alfie Scholars program and how to apply, please visit

Fostering Scholars

Fostering Scholars is a full scholarship and program of support awarded to eligible students currently in or who aged-out of the foster care system. Recipients receive financial, academic, and personal support towards the completion of an undergraduate degree at Seattle University. For more information, visit the Fostering Scholars website.

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