Transfer Scholarships

2020-21 Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students

Transfer students who complete an admissions application to Seattle University are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years and are based on the information in the admissions application, not family finances. And we guarantee that any amount you receive as an institutional gift will remain constant for all four years you’re eligible at SU.

Grade Forgiveness for Merit Scholarship Consideration

Transfer applicants with college coursework completed seven or more years prior to their applying to Seattle University will automatically be considered for grade forgiveness if the GPA is significantly lower than more recent coursework.

Applicants with coursework completed less than seven years prior to enrollment, but greater than three years, may request a review for grade forgiveness. Applicants must submit a written explanation of their previous academic performance, what changed that helped them achieve greater academic success and how this insight has prepared them to be academically successful at Seattle University.  Decisions are made at the discretion of the Associate Director of Transfer Admissions.

Alfie Scholars

The Alfie Scholars Program cultivates leaders for civility, provides financial support, and engenders academic excellence for underrepresented community college transfer students.

The Alfie Scholars Program offers a scholarship and special programing for underrepresented community college transfer students with the desire to become civility leaders who effect positive social change. In addition to the $30,000 scholarship, distributed over two years, the Alfie Scholars Program provides civility leadership training, intensive summer programing, and individual advising to help its scholars

  • form a deep familial bond with their cohort members and create meaningful relationships with the faculty, the staff, and the university community;
  • engage in personal growth, self-empowerment, and development of purpose as they begin to actualize the unique contributions they will make to society; and
  • learn to present their ideas effectively in professional contexts and strengthen their communication, leadership, and civility skills.

For more information about the Alfie Scholars program and how to apply, please visit

Fostering Scholars

Fostering Scholars is a full scholarship and program of support awarded to eligible students currently in or who aged-out of the foster care system. Recipients receive financial, academic, and personal support towards the completion of an undergraduate degree at Seattle University. For more information, visit the Fostering Scholars website.

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