Maverick Cosgrove

Maverick Cosgrove headshot

BA and MA in Linguistics, University of Colorado Boulder

Admissions Evaluator

Phone: (206) 296-5846

Building/Room: Vi Hilbert Hall


Denver, CO

What is your advice for students in the admissions process?

There are so many unused scholarships out there; take advantage of them! School can be expensive, but there are so many little scholarships that can add up to cover a lot. Are you left-handed? There’s a scholarship for that! Go find your niche and get some money!

What is your favorite Seattle-area park/natural space?

The Arboretum— it’s beautiful! I feel like I find a new path every time I go there.

What do you like most about working at SU?

Seattle U is at the forefront of higher education, integrating its Jesuit mission with the progressive context of its urban location. It’s something that permeates throughout the students, faculty, and staff, creating a welcoming environment for all people. This is work they understand is never finished but commit to striving toward in their lives every day.