About Student Employment 

The Seattle University Student Employment Program provides on-campus, and some off-campus, job opportunities that help students offset the cost of their education while gaining meaningful work experience and career competencies and skills. Student Employment is a high-impact, experiential learning program that is an integral part of the student experience. Seattle University employs over 1500 students each year in jobs across campus.

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Benefits of Student Employment 

Students who participate in Student Employment earn money to support their education and related costs, but on-campus jobs are more than just a paycheck. There are many benefits to choosing an on-campus job over other work opportunities. 

  • Work in convenient, accessible, and student-first environments 
  • Gain experience in a professional environment 
  • Explore career interests and career paths
  • Hone skills and career and leadership competencies
  • Apply classroom learning and bring “real-world” experience into the classroom
  • Build a network of friends and mentors and find sense of belonging 

Competencies & Skills Gained  

Seattle University provides meaningful job opportunities in a variety of settings across campus that allow students to gain and hone competencies and skills that can be used in a wide range of career pathways.  

  • Communication 
  • Creativity & Innovation 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Self-Awareness 
  • Social Justice Engagement 
  • Teamwork & Collaboration 

Office of Student Employment

The Office of Student Employment exists to support both students and supervisors through each step of the employment process: job search or recruitment, hiring and onboarding, navigating workplace dynamics, connecting job to career, and more.



Student Forms/Links

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Form - For new hires only. To update your Direct Deposit information, go to 'Banking Information' on mySeattleU.