The Department of Public Safety is focused on providing various services aimed at protecting the lives and property of our campus community.

DPS officer walking with student

Walking Safety Escorts

Students, staff, and faculty may request a walking escort throughout campus and up to two blocks off the campus perimeter. This service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by contacting (206) 296-5990.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transports

Students, staff, and faculty who want to see a medical professional due to a non-emergent matter may request transportation to a local hospital. This service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by contacting (206) 296-5990.

DPS officer applying pressure to a wound on the leg of a woman

Emergency Response and First Aid

We are the first responders for the campus community and we will assist emergency response onto campus for all emergency needs. Our officers are trained in first aid and are able to provide basic care to those in need of medical attention. 

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Emergency Messaging

Students, staff, and faculty are automatically enrolled into SeattleUAlert emergency messaging. Family and guests who would like to receive emergency information can register now by texting SeattleUAlert to 79516.

Other Services

Jump Starts

Students, staff, or faculty who are parked on campus may request a jump start if their vehicle battery has died. This service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by contacting (206) 296-5990.

2 DPS officers jumping a car.

Access and Keys

We provide access and keys for campus buildings and rooms to authorized individuals. If you believe you should have access to a campus space, please visit our service portal and submit your request.

DPS officer pushing buttons on an alarm panel.

Lost and Found

If you believe you have lost an item and are unable to locate it where you believe the item was lost, please fill out the lost item form. If your property is found, we will notify you provided you have filed a report. We will only intake high value items. If you find a high value item on campus, please turn it into the Public Safety office. If you have any questions regarding our lost and found policy, contact us at (206) 296-5990.

Cell phone, $20 bill, and two sets of headphones left at a seating area outdoors.

Blue Light Phones

Blue Light Phones around campus are available if you need to reach us in any situation. Various Blue Light Phones also have the capability to broadcast emergency messages throughout campus.

Emergency blue light phone tower on upper mall

Training and Programming

We are available by request to provide trainings and informational programming. We are happy to assist your group and work with you to provide the programming that best suits your needs. Please visit our service portal to submit your request.


As part of the Student and Campus Life team, we are focused on helping you get connected to the many resources available across campus. We are a meeting point of many different departments and can lead you in the right direction for your needs, whether that be talking to a counselor or finding community in a campus group. Contact us at (206) 296-5990 to start the conversation today.

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