Bomb Threats

What to Do

Bomb threats are most commonly received by phone. A person receiving a telephoned bomb threat should:

  • Keep the caller on the line as long as possible.
  • Write down all the information obtained. Ideally, take notes when the caller is talking. Refrain from speaking to anyone until your notes are complete.
  • Notify Public Safety at (206) 296-5911.

For other types of bomb or suspicious situations:

  • Check your work area for suspicious packages or bags; if found, don’t touch. Report any suspicious objects to Public Safety.
  • Evacuate immediately if a bomb is discovered before authorities arrive.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t assume a bomb threat is a prank. Assume it is real.
  • Don’t touch, move or cover a suspected bomb. Note its description, exact location and report it to authorities.
  • Don’t use two-way radios or cell phones in the area.