Ignatian Leaders

student looking contemplative while attending Mass of the Holy Spirit

The Ignatian Leaders were formed in 2006 as a cohort of student leaders who, through the teachings and philosophy of St. Ignatius of Loyola, create an intentional connection between the student community and the University administration.  Each cohort of 10-12 student are nominated through a campus process, selected, and then invited to join the cohort of juniors and seniors for the academic year.  Some of the best and brightest on campus, these students participate in a year-long discernment process and create a community of support for each other. 

Students must meet all of the following to be selected annually:

  • Currently enrolled with at least junior standing and scheduled to graduate within the next academic year
  • Demonstrated leadership with and for others
  • Integration of leadership into their academic and professional formation
  • Integration of leadership into their spiritual and values development

Studying abroad will not necessarily prevent a student from being selected, but students must be on campus for at least one quarter.

Selection of Ignatian Leaders are made by the previous Ignatian Leader group and finalized by the Vice President for Student Development and the President.

The Ignatian Leader nomination process occurs in the Spring Quarter of every academic year. For more information about the nomination process, please contact Tammy Liddell at liddellt@seattleu.edu

  • Tammy Liddell, Director, Campus Ministers
  • Alvin Sturdivant, Vice Provost for Student Development
  • Eduardo Peñalver, President, Seattle University

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