Student Employment

The Seattle University Student Employment Program provides on-campus, and some off-campus, job opportunities for students to earn money to support their education and gain professional experience.

Career Fair

Meaningful Work Experience

Student Employment is a high-impact, experiential learning program that is an integral part of your student experience. Jobs are intentionally designed to provide you with skills and competencies that translate to a variety of career paths and help you apply classroom learning.

Participating in student employment, as opposed to working in any job off campus, means that your role as a student comes first. Jobs are flexible around your schedule, convenient to where you live and study, and accessible.

Seattle University employs over 1,500 students each year, so there’s a job that fits every student.  

Choose from positions that span the entire academic year or just one quarter, require 3 hours per week or up to 20 hours per week, and have in-person, hybrid, or remote schedules. Here are just some of the jobs on campus that can be both relevant and transferrable to your career goals:

  • Office Assistant in departments across campus  
  • UREC Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer  
  • Research Assistant in your academic department  
  • Tutor for the Learning Assistance Programs  
  • Community Ambassador in the MOSAIC Center 
  • Redhawk Ambassador for Admissions  
  • Electrician Assistant for Facilities  
  • Events & Equipment Assistant in Athletics  
  • Rudy the Redhawk! (yes, the school mascot is an on-campus job) 
Fall Involvement Fair

Rewarding Opportunities

On-campus jobs are more than a paycheck. Financing educational expenses is an important benefit, and there are many other benefits to choosing an on-campus job over other work opportunities including:

  • Practice essential job skills for the world of work 
  • Explore career interests and strengths 
  • Grow your knowledge, skills, and abilities within SU’s Career and Leadership Competencies 
  • Connect with a network of staff, faculty, and peers in the workplace 
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Gain Competencies and Essential Skills

The SU Career and Leadership Competencies have been recognized by the university as competencies and skillsets that align with our Jesuit values and are sought after by employers who hire recent college graduates. Students can look forward to developing these skills through their student employment experience: 

  • Communication   
  • Creativity and Innovation   
  • Critical Thinking   
  • Self-Awareness   
  • Social Justice Engagement   
  • Teamwork & Collaboration  

Ready to find work?

All students who are enrolled in a program of study at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduate; 3 credits for graduate) are eligible to work on campus. You do not need to be work-study eligible to work on campus! 

On-campus employers hire year-round, and once you’re registered for classes in Fall, you can start applying. 

All on-campus jobs are found on Handshake – use the filter for ‘On Campus’ or search for the employer called Seattle University On-Campus Employment. 

Find a Job

Are you eligible for work-study?

Work-study is a need-based financial aid program that encourages students to work on campus, or with approved off-campus employers, to earn money for their educational expenses.

Important Steps & Tips for Success

Landing a job on campus requires more than submitting an application. Learn more about how to be successful in your search for student employment.

Steps for Getting Hired

You can start applying once you’re registered for Fall. Follow these steps to find, apply to, and land a job on campus, and to make sure you are ready to work and get paid!

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Getting Hired as an International Student

International students enrolled full-time with an F-1 or J-1 visa are authorized to work in on-campus jobs for up to 20 hours per week.

Student Employment Policies

Student employees are expected to comply with all policies. View employment policies below, or email with any questions.

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Meet the team

Get in Touch

Contact the Office of Student Employment for assistance in applying for a job or for questions about the hiring process.