Ignatian Leaders


Students must meet all of the following to be selected annually:

  • Currently enrolled with at least junior standing and scheduled to graduate within the next academic year
  • Demonstrated leadership with and for others
  • Integration of leadership into their academic and professional formation
  • Integration of leadership into their spiritual and values development 

Studying abroad will not necessarily prevent a student from being selected, but students must be on campus for at least one quarter.

Selection of Ignatian Leaders are made by the previous Ignatian Leader group and finalized by the Vice President for Student Development and the President.

To Nominate

The Ignatian Leader nomination process occurs in the Spring Quarter of every academic year.  For more information about the nomination process, please contact Bernie Liang and Tammy Liddell.  

University Advisors

  • Bernie Liang, Director, Center for Student Involvement
  • Tammy Liddell, Director, Campus Ministers
  • Alvin Sturdivant, Vice Provost for Student Development
  • Eduardo Penalver, President, Seattle University


An image drawing of St. Ignatius of Loyola

“[L]ove ought to manifest itself in deeds rather than in words.... love consists in a mutual sharing of goods, for example, the lover gives and shares with the beloved what he possesses, or something of that which he has or is able to give; and vice versa, the beloved shares with the lover. Hence, if one has knowledge, he shares it with the one who does not possess it; and so also if one has honors, or riches. Thus, one always gives to the other.”

St. Ignatius of Loyola, The Spiritual Exercises

Current and Past Ignatian Leader Cohorts

2022-2023 Ignatian Leaders

  • Christina Beavers, Psychology
  • Jamie Elrod, Civil Engineering
  • Bokyung Kim, Finance and Marketing
  • Grace Nguyen, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Lia Matias Matos, Management
  • Braelyn Scheer, Political Science and Spanish
  • Mashaal Shameem, Global Business and Accounting
  • Janae Theodore, Nursing
  • Shirley Wang, Nursing
  • Colleen Webb, Mechanical Engineering
  • Vanesa Wie, Marketing

2021-2022 Ignatian Leaders

  • Nicholas Andino, Sociology
  • Chelsea Arnold, Theatre
  • Evans Brackenbrough, Biochemistry
  • Mariel (Mar) Campoverde, Environmental Studies
  • Abem Fekade-Tessema, Business Economics
  • Gelsey Manipon, Humanities for Teaching
  • Brenda Mata-Diaz, Nursing
  • Josilyn Meza, Criminal Justice
  • Chiyo Miyake, Mechanical Engineering
  • Afrikaan Osman, Computer Science
  • Janae Theodore, Nursing
  • Shirley Wang, Nursing

2020 - 2021 Ignatian Leaders

  • Erica Calloway, Social Work 
  • Tayz Hernandez-Campero,  Psychology | Theology and Religious Studies
  • Meghan McCreedy, Social Work 
  • Rose Murphy, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Megan Oakes, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Clare Rodgers, Public Affairs
  • Nate Ross, Biology
  • Genesis Williamson, Philosophy
  • Brooke Wynalda, Biology
  • Michelle Yee, Nursing


  • Ally Gibbons (Criminal Justice)
  • Aryon Shahidzadeh (Political Science)
  • Azrael Howell (Psychology)
  • Chhavi Mehra (Communication and Media)
  • Christine Villanueva (Nursing)
  • Dalaysone Rassavong (Business Analytics)
  • Jess Juanich (Public Affairs)
  • Michael Ninen (International Studies and Spanish)
  • Molly Brown (Political Science)
  • Peter Hoang (Nursing)
  • Stephanie Sanchez (Nursing)


  • Erin Alberts (Psychology)
  • Margaret Girardin (History)
  • Jiashan (Mary) Han (Management)
  • Amina Ibrahim (Communication)
  • Mirka Mandich (Electrical Engineering)
  • Anab Nur (Public Affairs)
  • Grace Wall (Humanities for Leadership)
  • Emi Wheeless (Humanities for Leadership)
  • Gerald Yip (Business)


  • Braden Wild (International Business & International Economic Development)
  • Christine Bernal (Marketing)
  • Marley Bredehoeft (Biology)
  • Desi Caswell (Humanities for Leadership & Cultural Anthropology)
  • Shika Kalevor (Nursing)
  • Polo Mehrota (Management)
  • Matinn Miller (Interdisciplinary Arts, Photography Specialization)
  • Gabe Narvaez (Sociology)
  • Christopher Riley (Chemistry & Physics)
  • Braden Wild (International Business & International Economic Development)


  • Keziah Abigail (International Business)
  • Koji Clark (Psychology)
  • Mariah Gibbs (Psychology)
  • Palmyra Jackson (Humanities in Teaching)
  • April Jingco (Strategic Communications)
  • Gabe Kaemingk (Economics)
  • Nicky Manlove (Physics)
  • Anna Pickett (Humanities for Leadership)
  • Claire Rawson (Social Work)
  • Areesa Somani (Strategic Communications)
  • Keegan Tasker (Marketing)


  • Germe Anthony Ambion (Nursing)
  • Baxter Arguinchona (Cell and Molecular Biology)
  • Nick Chock (Biochemistry)
  • Genna Cortese (Humanities for Teaching and Women & Gender Studies)
  • Jennifer Cruz (Psychology)
  • Maria Dalzell (Biology)
  • Paul DeWater (Humanities for Leadership & Public Affairs)
  • Alyssa Garcia (Public Affairs)
  • Izzy Gardon (Political Science)
  • Calvin Garrett (Sociology and Women & Gender Studies)
  • Latanya Jenkins (Social Work)
  • Vanessa Lam (Humanities for Teaching & Math)
  • Luis Rodriguez (Political Science & History)
  • Chelsea Schiller (Humanities for Leadership)


  • Lesly Avila (Political Science)
  • Kelsie Deisigner (Nursing)
  • Joy Durkin (Public Affairs)
  • Ames Fowler (Civil Engineering)
  • Erik Hagberg (International Business)
  • Helen Packer (Humanities for Leadership)
  • Raveena Sajjan (English)
  • Alex Stoffel (Communication Studies)
  • Nguyen Tran (Psychology)
  • Stephanie Verdoia (Political Science)


  • Monica Allen (Philosophy & English)  
  • Mohammed Alturki (Finance & Information Systems)  
  • Brooke Burns (Psychology & History)  
  • Katherine Fukumoto (Social Work)  
  • Stuart Haruyama (History)  
  • Joyce Keeley (International Studies)  
  • Lauren Maza (Psychology)  
  • Tricia Mulbry (Marketing & Management)  
  • Victoria Neam (Criminal Justice)  
  • Shane Price (Psychology)  
  • Dana Rodriguez (Social Work) 


  • Kelly Biette (Biology)
  • Rebecca L. Campbell (Diagnostic Ultrasound)
  • Alexandra Cratsenberg (Psychology)
  • Carmen Cueto (General Science)
  • Abigail Garrow (Nursing)
  • Adriana Jackson (Humanities for Teaching)
  • Bradley Jackson (History)
  • Niraj Kamat (Marketing)
  • Carissa Perkins (Environmental Studies)
  • Kelton Sears (Journalism)
  • Alexander Tobkin (Philosophy)
  • Edward Unthank (Economics)
  • Jennifer Wirth (Economics) 


  • Angela Bever (Accounting)
  • Erin Boniface (Humanities for Teaching)
  • Tin Bui (Biochemistry)
  • Arin Carpenter (Communication Studies)
  • Rosie Garibaldi (Social Work)
  • Osbaldo Hernandez (Public Affairs)
  • Mathew Lane (Mathematics & Economics)
  • Chris Olsen (Environmental Studies)
  • Rebecca Recinos (Liberal Studies)
  • Carlos Reyes (English/Creative Writing)
  • Andrew Shahamiri (English/Creative Writing & Sociology)
  • Renee Vandermause (Civil Engineering)
  • Katie Wieliczkiewicz (Strategic Communications & Public Affairs)
  • Justin Willis (General Science)


  • Hajer Al-Faham (Political Science & Women's Studies)
  • Ajla Aljic (International Business, Minor in Economics & German)
  • George Bayuga (International Studies, History & Philosophy)
  • Roman Christiaens (Creative Writing & Women's Studies)
  • John Conway (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Kevin Eggers (Philosophy)
  • Amanda Gilbert (Nursing)
  • Lauren Kolojejchick-Kotch (Economics, Minor in International Studies)
  • Theresa Leigh (Finance & Criminal Justice)
  • Maura Rendes (Public Affairs, Minor in Spanish & Environmental Studies)
  • Aldo Resendiz (Humanities for Teaching & Sociology)
  • Cassandra Rodriguez (Humanities for Teaching & Math)
  • Michael Ruiz (Psychology & Philosophy)
  • Matthew Taylor (Mechanical Engineering)


  • Saeed A. Alhardi (E-Commerce & Information Systems)
  • Aerica Banks (Environmental Studies, Specialization in Public Policy and Urban Affairs)
  • Sabrina Chen (Social Work, Women's Minor Studies)
  • Jesse David (Philosophy)
  • Gordon Greaves (Psychology)
  • Allie Lemieux (Economics & Philosophy)
  • Joshua Lynch (Journalism and Photography)
  • Stephanie Malinowski (English & Women's Studies)
  • Sean McCreight (Creative Writing & Humanities for Teaching)
  • Kellen O'Connor (Business Economics)
  • Ofiong Okon (Nursing )
  • Laurie Ortega-Murphy (Creative Writing)
  • Derek Rogalsky (Biochemistry/Biology)
  • Natalie Sheils (Pure Mathematics)
  • Ydalia Yado (Theology & Religious Studies)


  • Blaise Baldonado (Strategic Communication)
  • Whitney Brooks (Business Management)
  • Olivia Coleman (Public Relations)
  • Patrick Dominguez (Philosophy & English)
  • Nathan Furukawa (Biochemistry)
  • Koi Gitahi (Environmental Studies)
  • Emily Griffin (History & Pre-Medicine)
  • Sean Klostermanm (Economics)
  • Brandon Knight (Accounting)
  • Matt Lyons (Humanities & Business E-Commerce Information Systems)
  • Natalie Martinez (Biology)
  • Julie Oxenhandler (English & Marketing)
  • Kai Smith (History & Political Science)


  • Gustavo Brown (International Business )
  • Gretchenrae Callanta (Psychology)
  • Nazir Harb (Sociology and Honors)
  • Christopher Hodges (Finance)
  • Lisa Hogan (Management)
  • Hallie Hostetter (Philosophy & Political Science)
  • Nick Lollini (Finance)
  • Steve Lombardi (Journalism)
  • Nick McCarvel (Journalism)
  • Johnathan Meade (Sociology and Social Work)
  • Rafael Pinedo (Electrical Engineering)
  • Lauren Ruth (Communication & Spanish)
  • Madeline Vitek (Political Science)


  • Christine Aquino (Nursing)
  • Eleanor Baldenweck (English and French)
  • Rebecca Balyeat (Public Affairs)
  • Craig Buitrago (Civil Engineering)
  • Lloryn Hubbard (Biology)
  • Michael Leigh (Public Affairs)
  • Michael Mage (Fine Arts)
  • Megan O'Connor (Accounting)
  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd (Social Work)
  • Sean Rogers (Physics)
  • Phoebe Rohrbacher (Fine Arts)
  • Joseph Seia (Liberal Studies)
  • Duong Truong (Communication)
  • Tim Willette (Political Science)