Political Activity & Demonstrations

Planning a demonstration on campus?  Your first step is to contact the Center for Student Involvement staff to talk through your plans and officially register your demonstration.  To help, the quick guide on Demonstrations (on the right) provides a general overview.  On this site, you will also see a compilation of resources on activism that provides helpful advice, tactics, and ways to make sure your message is not lost in the demonstration.

All policies regarding freedom of expression, demonstrations, political activity, political candidates on campus, etc. are located on the Dean of Students website under "Other University Policies." Student clubs and organizations should refer to this policy when planning these types of events and activities on campus.

For advice, consultation, and support, please see the staff in the Center for Student Involvement and the Office of the Dean of Students.

A photo of Seattle Universit student protest from the 1960's

Click here to download the Demonstration Cheat Sheet