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Publicity Topics

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Posting Entity's Responsibilities

  • Adhering to the University guidelines on content & all related posting policy
  • Preparing and producing the advertising materials
  • Planning ahead and checking in advance to reserve spaces as necessary
  • Following the appropriate approval processes
  • Putting up publicity and removing it promptly.  CSI will not put up publicity for other clubs, organizations, or departments.

Required Content

  • All posted advertisements should include the name of the sponsoring organization or group, the nature of the event, the date and time, the location, cost, and a contact number or email for more information
  • All advertising must be coherent with Catholic and Jesuit ideals, values, and teachings
  • Advertising which denotes sexist, racist, and/or otherwise oppressive overtones, has prejudicial messages, suggests violence and/or discrimination towards others on the basis of character, ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or protected class in its message, content or program format will not be approved
  • If the material is in a language other than English, an English translation must be supplied and posted next to each sign
  • References to the alcohol (i.e. underage drinking, imagery) and/or illicit drug use/paraphernalia are not allowed

Political Content

  • All political activity is subject to the provisions as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, Section 4.8: Freedom of Expression
  • Direct promotion of political parties, candidates, or initiatives by non-affiliated Seattle University organizations is not permitted
  • All SU recognized student clubs and organizations interested in politically related events & advertising on campus should discuss their plan with the staff in the Center for Student Involvement

Content for Off-Campus Organizations

  • Flyers which advertise non-profit agencies, neighborhood businesses, services such as tutoring, housekeeping, childcare, housing, educational programs at other churches, schools, etc. are acceptable provided they do not violate the general policy on content
  • The names of Seattle University, Seattle U, SU, or the name of any registered SU organization, may not be used with any non-university associated enterprise in such a manner that it may be inferred the aforesaid entitles support for or to the enterprise or endorse any product or service related to it
  • Alcohol and marijuana distributors are not allowed to publicize at Seattle University

Approval Process

  • On-Campus clubs, organizations, and departments: The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) will review all material intended for campus to ensure it meets with the policy on content
  • Off-Campus organizations: The Redhawk Resource Hub Desk will review all material intended for campus to ensure it meets with the policy on content
  • All flyers on campus require an approval from CSI or the Redhawk Resource Hub Desk. 
  • There can only one publicity type per event (e.g. one flyer per event)
  • CSI will only print one set of publicity for each event (e.g. one set of flyers and one set of table tents)
  • Flyers that do not have an approval stamp are subject to removal by any University affiliate or official
  • Housing and Residence Life (HRL) provides approval for all campus residences
  • Contact the Director, Center for Student Involvement, to discuss publicity outside of these policies, extensions, or one-off campaigns  

Flyer Posting

  • All publicity must adhere to the policy on content listed above
  • Advertisements less than or equal to 11 inches x 17 inches are considered "flyers"
  • The sponsoring group or organization is responsible for the removal of ALL advertisements and they must be removed within 48 hours (2 Days) after their event
  • If the flyer has no specific date, the maximum time allowed is one month per flyer
    • Flyers cannot be renewed past the initial approval date 
  • Flyer approval will be proven by an approval stamp on the front
  • Only one flyer per bulletin board is allowed
    • Flyers should not be placed on top of other advertisements
  • Postings are not allowed on doors, windows, walls, ceilings, trees, telephone poles, glass, elevators or columns of any building
  • Only tacks & staples are to be used on bulletin boards
  • On-Campus organizations:  Flyers should only be posted on the boards labeled "On-Campus Events and Information" 
    • One copy of each flyer must be left with the Center for Student Involvement to be recorded.  Additionally, the contact person's name, phone number/email and # of fliers stamped will be collected at the time of approval
    • CSI will print up to 33 flyers only for student clubs but events must be posted on ConnectSU prior to printing
  • Off-Campus organizations: Flyers should only be posted on the boards labeled "Community Events and Information"
  • Off-Campus Housing provides additional opportunities to advertise available student apartments

Flyer Posting Locations

Please see for posting locations

Location Number of Bulletin Boards
Student Center  
2nd Floor 1
3rd Floor 1
2nd Floor 1
3rd Floor 5
4th Floor 4
1st Floor 2
1st Floor 1
1st Floor 1
2nd Floor 1
3rd Floor 2
1st Floor 5
1st Floor Stairs 1
2nd Floor 2
3rd Floor 1
University Services Hut 1
1st Floor 2
2nd Floor 1

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Banner/Rolldown Posting

  • All publicity must adhere to the policy on content listed above
  • Advertisements more than 11 inches x 17 inches but less than 6 feet wide by 14 feet long are considered to be "banners" or "rolldowns"
    • Advertisements larger than 6' x 14' are not permitted 
  • See Banner Posting Locations for size and location restrictions
  • The sponsoring group or organization maintains responsibility for the removal of banners
    • Banners/rolldowns must be removed within 24 hours (1 Day) after the approval date
  • One banner per building is allowed
  • If the banner has no specific date, the maximum time allowed is one month
    • Banners/rolldowns cannot be renewed past one month
  • The Center for Student Involvement must approve and date stamp all banners intended for campus
  • Each banner will be approved by The Center for Student Involvement (1 day after the expiration of the event) in a location which can be easily checked
  • Banners may not be hung outside of residence hall windows or the outside of buildings
  • Banners are not allowed on doors, windows, walls, ceilings, trees, telephone poles, glass, elevators or columns of any building.
  • No banners are to be secured in such a way as to cause damage to the building or landscaping of the campus
    • Gaffers tape is available through CSI for hanging banners
  • All banners should be readable according to the judgment of the Center for Student Involvement staff
    • If banners do not conform to the standards of readability, sponsoring organizations may be asked to address the issues or remake the banner

Banner Posting Locations


Location Banner Information
Student Center  
Above Redhawk Resource Hub Desk 6' wide by 6' long maximum
Atrium Banisters 6' wide by 14' long maximum
Pigott Building (Atrium)
Atrium Banisters  3' wide by 5' long maximum

Table Tents

  • All publicity must adhere to the policy on content listed above
  • Tri-folded 8.5 X 14 or smaller publications are considered "table tents"
  • Each on-campus group is allowed a maximum of 60 table tents per event, approved for a maximum of one week
    • Table tents cannot be renewed past the initial approval date
  • Four (4) on-campus organizations may advertise with table tents at the same time but only two table tents per table is allowed
  • Table tents may be discarded by any University official if they are found on the floor, are unreadable, in bad shape, don't adhere to the policy on content, or not approved by CSI
  • Groups are responsible for monitoring their own table tents and may replace those which are discarded (provided they are approved by the Center for Student Involvement)

Pavement Chalk

  • All pavement chalk publicity must adhere to the policy on content listed above and must be written in soluble chalk
  • Chalk should be placed on surfaces that can easily be washed off by the weather (i.e. not under awnings)
  • Event organizers may be asked to wash off chalk that is offensive, does not follow the policy on content, interferes with University business, or at the discretion of CSI staff

Sandwich Boards

  • The content must adhere to the policy on content listed above
  • Sandwich boards are primarily allowed outside of buildings by entrances
  • Offices, clubs, organizations, and departments must provide their own sandwich boards for use outside of offices/buildings
  • Caution should be exercised when placing Sandwich Boards as to not cause a fire egress, trip hazard, obstruction to major pathways, or accessibility concern
  • University offices are permitted to use sandwich boards indoors provided they are placed right outside office entrances, no further than 3 feet
  • The Redhawk Resource Hub (formerly the CAC) is able to put up 2' x 3' posters on the wall behind the desk in lieu of sandwich boards

Digital Signage and TV Screens

  • All publicity must adhere to the general policy on content listed above
  • There are four screens in the Student Center and one in the Commuter Link
  • Dimensions for advertisements: 1280x720
    • Note: Any landscape/wide version of your advertisement works better than a portrait/tall version
  • Advertisements are shown for 10 seconds
  • YouTube videos (without sound) are able to be played on TV screens
  • Content may be altered and/or removed for content at any time
  • Non-SU event postings will not be accepted
  • To submit images or video requests, please email them to CSI
  • Television screens in other locations are not coordinated through CSI.  Please contact them directly (i.e. Albers School of Business, University Recreation, School of Theology and Ministry, Admissions Alumni Building)


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