Student Nomination FAQ

What if I want to nominate someone for a specific award? 

Please fee free to choose examples that illustrate the nominee's demonstration of actions that meet a specific award's criteria. You may also tell us which award/s you think they are most deserving of in the narrative you submit. 

What if I don't know a student very well.  Should I ask them for information?

You certainly can ask a person additional material if you know them well enough to do so.  Nominees are contacted by our office and invited to submit additional information, so if you prefer, submit the nomination with what you know and we will contact the student anyway.

Will the student have access to my nomination?

Nominees are told that they have been selected for an award and by whom.  If chosen to receive an award, the recipient will receive a copy of the nomination, along with their award, at Red Night Out.  Please contact CSI staff if you have concerns about this.

What makes a strong nomination?

Nominations that give specific, concrete examples of the nominee's leadership, as opposed to general descriptions are generally more successful.  This is what selection committee members use to connect to the criteria of specific awards.  While some gaps may be filled by information submitted directly by nominees in the follow-up process, the nomination itself is at least 75% of the information considered.

Do multiple nominators make a stronger nomination?

Multiple people submitting nominations or signing onto one shared nomination does not automatically influence the selection committee.  However, the more examples we have of how the student exemplifies the criteria helps them.  If interested in coordinating a group to nominate together, it is most useful to have each person contribute concrete examples and submit a longer document or to have each person submit a nomination separately.

Who makes the selection?  How does the process work?

The selection committee is made up of staff and faculty from several departments and students.  The committee members read through each nomination, as well as all information submitted by nominees prior to attending a selection meeting.  Selection is a consensus process and is based on the criteria as detailed on this website.